Stop Staring at the Ink Spot

An ink spot on a shirt…how tragic!  When we see a stain like this, our eye automatically goes to the ink spot, doesnt’ it?  Though 90% of the shirt is still white, all we see is the stain. 

I recently heard an illustration shared on a radio broadcast that I just had to share with you.  In our marriages, it’s easy to focus on our husband’s one or two faults or habits that irritate us – their “ink spots” if you will.  We get our eyes fixed on hubby’s negative traits, and that’s all we choose to see.  It glares at us and brings bitterness and resentment to our hearts and homes, instead of the loving relationship the Lord intended.

Why not resolve today to begin taking a long, hard look at the things that you love about your husband (the 90% pure white shirt he is wearing) instead of staring at the ink spots?  I am sure it will refresh your marriage and your love for your husband as it did mine!

Time to go do some laundry…there are a few ink spots of my own I need to work on!

With love,

3 thoughts on “Stop Staring at the Ink Spot

  1. Denise, I read this earlier today, and prayed to see a whole lot more good in my husband. In the meantime, God made it very plain to me that I've got a whole lot more issues of my own than I thought.

    Hmmm… it's back to those beam/splinter verses.

    Peace & Love~ Debby


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