Freshen Up Friday

Think about the place where you get yourself ready each morning; where you dry and style your hair and apply your makeup.  Is everything accessible?  Is it organized?  Is it beautiful?  Why not take a little time and effort to freshen up the place you get ready each day?

These pictures inspire me.  I don’t have a dressing table like these in my room, so I’ve had to add some elements to the bathroom counter and cabinets that aid (rather than hinder) the process of getting ready each morning.

Here are some things you could add to refresh your “getting ready” place:

  • Use a pretty tray on the counter to hold your hairspray, cologne, and lotion.
  • Put makeup brushes, cuticle scissors, tweezers and such in a pretty tea cup or other holder that will keep them within easy reach.
  • Use an attractive basket to hold your makeup.  Whether you have room for it on the counter, or you put it in the cabinet, everything will be within easy reach.  If you’ve been storing your things in a basket, empty everything out and de-clutter and clean the basket.
  • Overhead lighting isn’t the best lighting for applying makeup.  Add task lighting, such as a tall lamp on the counter.
  • Add something pretty – a small picture frame or a vase of flowers.
  • A whimsical clock will add some fun, and also help keep you on time!

Is there a spot where you could put a table or desk in your bedroom and make it your dressing table?  Here are a couple of ideas from Country Living that might inspire you:

Think about salvaging a table or desk, adding paint and/or perhaps a skirt, as seen above!

Tell me how you freshen up your dressing area!

Our church is starting a two week revival meeting on Sunday and we are super excited!  If you aren’t in the area, we sure would appreciate your prayers.  The Herbster’s and DeGarde’s teams will both be with us from September 11 – 23.  Go here for further details on the meetings.

I hope to see you then!

Be refreshed,

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