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What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

How about pie for supper?  This recipe was introduced to me last weekend.  I made it for my husband and mother-in-law this past week.  This is Spaghetti Pie!

This recipe tastes a lot like lasagna, only it’s much quicker to assemble!  It makes two pies – so it serves a crowd, or one for now, one for the freezer, or for a friend!

Here are the steps:

Brown 1 pound hamburger; drain fat.  Add 1 jar spaghetti sauce (I used Ragu – 1lb, 10 oz.).  Let simmer over low while assembling the pies.

Boil 8 – 10 oz. of  spaghetti noodles, then drain and  add 2-3 Tbl butter, 1/3 C Parmesan cheese and 2 eggs, well beaten.

Place 1/2 of spaghetti mixture evenly in 2 greased pie pans.  Cover bottom and line sides for “crusts.”

Spread 3/4 – 1 C cottage cheese evenly over bottom of each spaghetti crust. 

Next, pour spaghetti-hamburger mixture over cottage cheese, dividing between the two pans.

Sprinkle with 1/2- 1 C Mozzarella Cheese.  Bake 350 degrees for 25 minutes – cheese should be melted and browning. 

Take out of oven and let set for 5-10 minutes while cooling. Cut and serve in pie pieces.

I served this salad with our Spaghetti Pie…

Tomato Salad with Feta Cheese

Lettuce or arugula leaves
Very small red onion, thinly sliced
Black olives, pitted
7 oz. Feta cheese
1 egg
3 T all purpose flour
2 T olive oil

For the dressing:
3 T extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tsp chopped fresh oregano
pinch of sugar

Make the dressing by whisking together the olive oil, the lemon juice, oregano, sugar and black pepper in a small jar.  Set aside.

Prepare the salad by arranging the tomatoes, onion, lettuce and olives on 4 individual plates.

Cut the feta cheese into 1 inch cubes.  Beat the egg in a dish and put the flour on a separate plate.  Coat the cheese in the egg, shake off the excess, and then coat in the flour.

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet, add the cheese, and cook over medium heat, turning over the cubes of cheese until they are golden on all sides.

Scatter the fried feta over the salad.  Whisk together the prepared dressing, spoon over the salad, and serve warm.

We also had fresh Sour dough Bread with our pie and salad.  This is a great do-ahead dish.  I made the pies right after lunch and put them in the fridge.  They were ready to bake after I returned home from my errands!

I hope you’ll try this.  My husband raved about this and said he likes it better than lasagna!  What’s been cooking in your kitchen?

From my parsonage kitchen,

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