What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

Cooking takes preparation!  Some meals require more than others, and some days require more meals than others!  Without preparation I would be sunk.  The stove would be cold and stomachs empty!

Because I’ve been out of town this weekend on the Ladies’ Retreat at The Wilds, there was no cooking in my kitchen Saturday or Sunday.  However, I thought I’d share with you one thought that fed my  heart that goes along the idea of preparation…

In all ways and by all means,
live that all may say of you,
(S)he has been with Jesus.
~C. H. Spurgeon

Yesterday in church, my husband preached about Radical Preparation for Ministry from Mark 2.  Jesus prayed.  He prayed early in the morning before a day of ministry.  This was His preparation.  How can we think we can enter a day without doing the same?  We must bow in humble understanding of our need for God’s help.  Without Him, our hearts are as cold as the unused stove, and our ministries are as empty as our unfed stomachs! 

Is it evident that you have been with Jesus today?

With love,

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