Look Upward

Yesterday we took our lunch from home and headed to the lake to sit on the boat dock and enjoy the pretty weather.  The water in the lake is still low, due the early time in the season.  So, our seat on the dock was not sitting in the water, as you see in the picture above.  Instead, we were looking immediately out onto rocks; big, little and in-between, as well as the dirt beneath them.  There was even a bit of trash that had accumulated at the shoreline. it wasn’t a beach shore – it was the exposed lake bottom.   It wasn’t exactly picturesque. 
However, if I looked upward to the other side of the lake, there were beautiful homes to enjoy.  Trees were blooming.  The water was shining as the sun reflected off of it.  I decided to look upward instead of down! I could then point across the lake and say to my husband, “Look over there!  Isn’t that beautiful?”  If I was thinking, I could have also reminded him that in a month or so this lake would be full again and it would be so pretty right where we were sitting, too!

As I sat and looked at the contrast of the not-so-pretty close up view, and the beautiful distant view, I was reminded that this is the way trials look to us while they’re taking place.  We look down and there they are stony, hard, difficult, unsightly even.  The whole problem is that we’re looking in the wrong place.    Our eyes need to be upward.  We have to remind ourselves of God’s promises, His presence, and of the future outcome of this trial.  We should let our mind (with anticipation) go to thoughts such as,

  • I wonder how God is going to be glorified in this? 
  • How will I see Him take care of this need? 
  • I wonder what He is going to do?!
  • Whose life will be changed because of this trial I’m facing? 
  • Will I have the opportunity to share the Lord with someone because of this?
  • How is my own faith going to be strengthened during this time?
  • The Lord could come today!
  • God’s Word is true and it says…

When you look upward at the wonder of what God can do, your response will be encouraging – not only to your own heart, but also to those around you!  You can remind yourself that in time, this will be a blessing.  So swing your legs over the side of the dock and rejoice in a God who sees, and remind yourself that he will make everything beautiful in His time.

With love,

4 thoughts on “Look Upward

  1. Isn't it all truth! Trials come to all of us, and no trial is welcomed or easy at the time.

    But for God ~ in His mercy and love toward us, fills us with His grace to endure, and He sends others to quietly walk the path to encourage and lift weary arms, and He quiets hearts with His Word.

    And, in the end, in looking back, the Son can be seen having been right there all along. The Holy Spirit has set the peace, and our heart is in a new place because we chose to look up and remember God never left.

    I love you, Denise. Thanks for the reminder to look beyond~ d


  2. Thank you for today's blog, just what I needed to read today. The Lord gives you just what you need when you need it, perfect timing for me today!


  3. I learned to lay my little troubles at the feet of Jesus. Why should we not? Are not our
    great ones little? and is there, after all, much difference between great troubles and
    little ones in the sight of God?


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