6 thoughts on “His Workmanship

  1. Thank you Denise I needed this encouragement this morning. I love love your videos. I would like to see more of them. Love you.


  2. OH Denise, Thank you, Thank you, this was wonderful. I truly enjoyed hearing this message instead of reading it and it was wonderful to see you live and in real time. Please, please do it again soon. I've missed our ladies time together so much, and this was just what I needed, the message was perfect and ministered to my heart. This is something as you know I struggle with on a continual basis. I love you dear friend, willing be looking forward to your next message.


  3. The video was excellent! I enjoyed watching and what a great idea for those “visual” individuals. The message was very helpful for me to know that God always has a plan for our lives and readily equips us for that purpose.
    Thank you, Carrie


  4. Ditto to all said… Including Alli's. Denise, I love reading what you share, and, I think seeing you speak makes your posts even more real and easy to remember.
    I love you, precious one~ Debby


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