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People Are More Important

After a two-day trip away, my husband returned home.  It was a snowy, wet night, and because the garage was full with two cars inside –  mine and our daughter’s, he parked in the slushy driveway and stepped inside.  His shoes dripped with the remains of the winter weather, so he stepped across the hardwood floor onto the dining room rug…the “pretty” rug meant for covering the floor, but not necessarily for wiping wet feet.  I inwardly cringed, then asked,

“Could you not step on the dining room rug, but please leave your shoes on the mat by the door?  I can throw the mat in the washer, but not the dining room rug.”

Immediately I knew I had said the wrong thing.  He did as I’d asked, but the air was tense.

I thought through my words and realized I’d only said a brief welcoming statement and given a kiss before I’d made my housekeeping request.  My timing wasn’t good.  I asked him how I could’ve handled it differently, but the real truth came when I asked the Lord the same question in my quiet time the next morning. The Holy Spirit spoke this truth in my heart…

People are more important than things.

Okay, the rug got soiled; it’s a thing.  It can be scrubbed or replaced.  People cannot be replaced.  What if my husband hadn’t made it back home?  What if he had been one of the casualties of the winter weather?  Would I care about the rug then?  No.  A herd of elephants could trample over it, and my aching heart wouldn’t have even noticed.

Getting up from my Quiet Place, I found my husband and told him I was wrong and asked him to forgive me.  He did, of course and the issue was ended.  But the lesson on my part was a worthy one.  All people are more important than any thing.

Your children are more important than your good china, your unmarked walls or your straightened up living room.

Your neighbors are more important than your beautiful yard, your privacy or your down-time.

Your family is more important than your job, position or salary.

And yes, your husband is more important than your clean rug.  It’s good for each of us to take a reality check and make sure our priorities are where they need to be.

Why?  Because Jesus died for people – not things.

Do you find yourself making things more important than the people in your life?  Ask the Lord to give you a right perspective and He will!

With love,


10 thoughts on “People Are More Important

  1. Now that my children are 14, 12, and 10, I’ve had plenty of years to learn and practice showing love for them and my husband over things. However, I have certainly been in the place (too many times) as you described where the words slipped out, and I immediately regretted them. Thank God for a forgiving family and for a God whose mercies are new every morning. Thank you for this reminder today!


    1. It’s a truth that I’ve had to re=learn over the years, and it’s never the big things like broken crystal – it’s the little things as I mentioned here. Thankful that the lord patiently teaches me over and over!


  2. Perfectly stated!! Once when we were moving, My Dear Husband dropped a box full of some of my collectibles. Many were broken. He was so upset but I told him, Hey they are just things, I would have felt worse if you had fallen!! Of course I was sad but as you so sweetly put it, People are More Important.


  3. This has always been hard for me because I am one of those people who likes everything prefect and in its place. The children now being grown and having grandchildren has given me a new perspective on this and now it’s usually not an issue for me. However, being a pastor’s wife, the Lord used this to remind me that the people in our ministry are more important than my home, my convenience, my comfort, and my plans. Thank you.


    1. I understand completely, Kathi. You know, as I was writing this post I thought that we could even extend this thought to the church itself. The Sunday school room isn’t mine. If someone else needs to use it, I must take my hands off. This particular ministry I do, isn’t mine; I need to let others help. The new carpet in the fellowship hall can get Kool-aid spills on it during VBS and it’s ok, because…PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT. Thanks for your comment, and your honesty


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