Buying & Organizing Gifts Ahead of time


We may hate it when Cracker Barrel starts putting their Christmas decor up in August, but you know, they might be doing you a favor! If you buy your gifts that early, you’ll be far less stressed when the holidays arrive!

I actually try to buy most every gift months ahead of time. I want great stuff marked down, so every time I’m out shopping, I have my eyes open for a bargain. I try to have all my Christmas shopping done by October or November.

I even purchase random baby shower and wedding shower gifts, as well as hostess gifts for that invitation that catches me off-guard.

The names and gifts are blurred to keep the receivers guessing!

Once the gifts have been purchased, I write down what I bought under the receiver’s name. I use the maker board pictured on this post, but you could also use a simple notebook. I keep the board hanging in the closet where I hide keep the gifts. That way I know exactly what I’ve already purchased and what gifts I still need to be shopping for.

If you haven’t started buying for the holidays, now is a good time to start!  There can be some really great sales in August.  Make your purchase, then write it down so you’ll know what you have stashed away!

Anyone else have tips for buying early and keeping it organized?

Stay refreshed!

10 thoughts on “Buying & Organizing Gifts Ahead of time

  1. I like your system! I keep a running list in the back of my planner for gifts. One list for birthdays where I list everyone’s name I need to buy for and pencil in ideas to look for and another for Christmas. That way I know I haven’t forgotten anyone, can shop all year long and highlight their name and gift when my shopping for them is done. I agree that the holidays are so much more enjoyable when you start shopping early 🙂 Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place


  2. I also keep an eye out for bargains for gifts. In my old house, I had a gift closet. In the town house I do not have that luxury but I still purchase gifts and hide them away. Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places to shop…cute things and good prices.


    1. I’ve used under the bed storage boxes to house my gifts in the past. One year when Alli was a child, she bought all her gifts at Cracker Barrel so they’d wrap them for her! That’s another perk of shopping there1


      1. Yes…that is one reason I like Cracker Barrel as well. They do such a good job with the wrapping there! And they do have really unique gifts for that hard to buy for person on your list!!


  3. I see my name on your list! 🙂 I haven’t done any shopping ahead this year – for some reason I just haven’t seen anything I thought anyone on my list would like. But whenever I start shopping, I record my purchases on a spreadsheet to track what I have and how much I’ve spent.

    **sneaks off to zoom in on the above picture**


    1. I keep a list in my phone of purchased gifts. It’s helpful when I’m out and I can’t remember if I already bought someone a gift. I also put gift ideas there. I have some people who are hard to buy for. If I have an idea, it saves me from searching for something later.


    2. Why am I not surprised at the spreadsheet? =) I can send a list if you need suggestions! Ha. Zoom all you want…you won’t see a thing! #TheyDon’tCallMeMomForNothing


  4. I keep a list in my phone, too! That way when I see something I think would make a good gift, but is still full price, or would be a good suggestion for a grandparent, I put it in there & keep an eye for a sale or a curious grandparent. 🙂


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