Enjoy A Rendezvous!

I have a few secrets about having an above average marriage…one is taking advantage of moments to have a secret get-away. It might just be literally a moment, but you must seize it when you can.

The other night my husband and I attended an outdoor concert. We listened to most of it from our car. A cool breeze blew through the windows, we could hear the music perfectly, and we had a good seats! While sitting there, my husband took my hand and with clasped hands our fingers “swayed” with the music – that’s the only kind of dancing he’s capable of! But it was a rendezvous moment.

You can also have a moment between the two of you in a crowd. Catch his eye from across the room, and give him a look that he understands. It says, “I love you” or “You look handsome over there!” There have been many times that we’ll be at a restaurant and a love song that’s special to us will come on and there will be a little hand squeeze under the table that no one else sees, and while conversation is going on with our dinner companions; we created a rendezvous moment.

Have a rendezvous moment over a cup of coffee shared early in the morning before the rest of your family is awake or after the children are tucked in bed at night. Let your husband have a moment even while he’s away from you. I read recently that you can buy “Lunch box Love Notes” at Michael’s Craft Store. Stick a note like that on the steering wheel, the sun visor in the car, in his Bible, or his lunch. By leaving a note like that you’re creating a rendezvous without even being there!

It’s so important to make these little deposits into your marriage on a daily basis. Without them, days would blur together and make months without any special love developing between you and your spouse. Take time today to enjoy a special little rendezvous moment and see what happens in your marriage!

With love,

4 thoughts on “Enjoy A Rendezvous!

  1. Sweet ideas! My hubby will often take my hand as we stand during congregational singing at church. I love that, and often think that the ladies behind us must be wishing *their* husbands were so romantic!


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