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How To Add A Statement Wall for Under $5!


I am blessed to have a sewing/crafting room at this Empty Nest stage of my life.  I used to do my crafting at the kitchen table.  It’s pretty great to go in my craft room and be able to leave out my projects while I’m working and not have to put it away so we can eat dinner!

I want to make this a lovely place where I’ll enjoying spending time.  I’ve been stashing away ideas on my Pinterest Board, and have been anxious to add some details to one wall in particular. It’s the longest wall in the room, and I had hung only one large-ish picture on it, but it wasn’t enough.  It really needed something else. Soooo…

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I noticed that their scrapbooking paper was 50% off.  I started collecting an assortment of patterns and colors that would coordinate well and bought two of each that I liked.  I ended up with  twelve sheets, which came to under $5 with the sale.

When I got home, I began crafting these paper pinwheels…

Pinwheel closeup

(For an easy Step by Step tutorial on How-To Make Paper Pinwheels, check back on Friday!)
I’ll also show how I hung them on the wall with a really simple technique!

I already had three of these pinwheels left over from Alli’s wedding, so I made six more, giving me plenty to add to my empty wall.  Here’s the finished project:

Pinwheel wall

I love it for a craft room, because it fits the room’s theme!  It’s all about creativity and I think the paper pinwheels say, “This is a place of productivity and imagination!”

I think these pinwheels are adorable and would add a nice touch of whimsy to other places (aside from a craft room), like a nursery or a child’s room.  Like this one:

Girl Heirloom Nursery
I think if you switched out the circles with the pinwheels it would be so cute!

Or for a backdrop wall for a shower or party, like here...

I love how they used different sizes. I may add some smaller ones to my collection!

This wouldn’t be the style for some, but I think it’s adorable!

How about you?  Do you like paper crafty things on the wall, or do you only do professional and sleek?

With love from my crafting room,

6 thoughts on “How To Add A Statement Wall for Under $5!

  1. I think your pinwheels are perfect in your craft room Denise. I have never used scrapbook paper for pinwheels but I am thinking of using scrapbook paper to line the back of my secretary just to change it up without doing any damage to the wood. Scrapbook paper is one of my favorite crafting supplies.


    1. Oh, that will be pretty. I added paper to my bookcase last year and it really transformed it! It’s fun to add those little touches that don’t cost a fortune but really make a difference, isn’t it?


  2. What a fun idea, Denise! This is really pretty, and I liked the other examples you showed, also. I do enjoy paper crafting and I use paper in my decorating a lot. I’m trying to make up some book page (or other) garlands for every season. Then I hang them over my dining room and kitchen windows, where they make me smile every day!


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