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Pass Over’s in Relationships

It was one phrase from a verse in Proverbs and it kept running though my head like the ticker tape on the stock market.  I had read it earlier in the morning and it had traveled my day with me.  It read:

It was the last part of the verse that was playing rewind in my thoughts.  My interpretation of it is this:

I am honored when I don’t punish an offense, or when I forgive a wrong done to me.

But more importantly, I bring honor to my Savior when I let a wrong done to me just pass over.  In simple terms:

  • Let it go
  • Don’t punish it
  • Don’t mention it
  • Don’t point it out
  • Don’t rehearse it
  • Don’t try to get even
  • Let it pass over

That’s not always easy, is it?  I know I have a tendency to want the wrong doer to know that they’ve hurt me, or that they are the one with a problem.  It’s hard to open my hands and let that offense go like a freed butterfly, but if I’m to be like Christ, I will.  I must.

To whom are you harboring unforgiveness? Let it pass over – over your heart, over your thoughts, over your desire to get even.  Let it pass over and be like your Savior.  You will be honored, and so will He.


2 thoughts on “Pass Over’s in Relationships

  1. Well said, Denise! This is such a blessing, and so important. I must tell you, I had a situation where something like that happened to me and my husband. It was an acquaintance, a fellow believer we barely knew and seldom saw. We passed her attitude off as just having a bad day and we forgot about it. Months and months later, she came up to us at a gathering and apologized for her attitude. What a joy to tell her it was forgiven and forgotten! It was a good lesson for us too.


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