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Tempting Your Family with Summer Fruits

There is a saying my girls remember well that I used in our home A LOT.  When they would want dessert, I would say,

“Why don’t you have some nice fruit?!”

They would look at me as if to say,

“Really? That’s not dessert!”

It may not be a chocolate chip cookie, but summer fruits are sweet and full of flavor!  I love summertime for lots of reasons, but all the fresh fruits is one of them!  I love cutting up a variety and having it in a bowl for quick snacks or dessert!  Having a big bowl all ready washed, cut up and ready to eat is far more appealing than the watermelon that has to be sliced every time you want to indulge.

Another  trick  secret to getting your family to eat more fruits like peaches or grapes is to have some washed and sitting out on the counter.  Put it in a pretty tray or bowl and set it on the counter.  They’ll snack on it more readily if it’s within easy reach.

The pineapple will be sliced for a rice dish I’m making, then I’ll add the rest to my bowl of cut up fruit! For now it’s serving as a garnish!

This week our Aldi’s had mango’s for forty-nine cents!  That’s a good deal!  Mango’s are so sweet and make a great addition to a taco (if you haven’t tried that as a topping, you really should!) or a fruit salad.  To get the most out of the fruit, here’s the easiest way to peel and chop them:

You slice down on each side beside the long stone in the middle.  Then score each half with a knife.  Pop the skin inside out, then slice off the squares of fruit!  It’s super easy this way!

I have a bowl of fruit in the fridge right now with watermelon, peaches, honeydew, strawberries, blackberries and mango.  My favorite?  Probably the melons – or the blackberries, or maybe the mango… Excuse me while I go have some nice fruit!

What’s your favorite summer fruit?  How do you serve it?

Stay refreshed by slicing up some summer fruits!

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