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What the Preacher’s Wife wore

When you open the weather app on your phone and this is what is says – how do you dress?!


Here’s what I try to do:

Layers is the answer for me.  When it’s cool in the morning and evening I can leave on the top layer, when it warms up I can take off a layer. This outfit consisted of olive green jeans, a cotton blouse, leopard flats and a denim vest.  

Dressier outfit:

Last year I found this winter white skirt at the Dillard’s outlet.  I love the versatility it gives me!  Here are two ways I’ve found to wear it.  The one on the right is another idea of layering.

Now, for a whole different kind of outfit… Brace yourself!

With Trick or Treat coming up, maybe you’re looking for a simple DIY costume?  Let me show you the funny ones my husband and I did last Wednesday for our church’s Trunk or Treat.  I was a Rain Cloud, he was a Nerd.  Oh, did he nail it or what? Yikes!

costumes 1.jpg

Along with my rain cloud hat, the picture below will show you that I also wore a black top and pants, with rain boots to complete the outfit.

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought

  • a child’s cowboy hat
  • four bags of cotton balls
  • Blue foam squares
  • Blue ribbon
  • Gray paint
  • You’ll also need a glue gun, which I already had.

costume-instructionsTake the cotton balls and kind of pull them out to fluff them up a bit, then begin gluing them to the hat to create the cloud.  Cover the hat, using more than one layer.  This takes a while, just be patient.

Then cut rain drop shapes from the foam, I did about 20.  Glue two together with the ribbon in-between.  Attach the ribbons to the hat.  I tried to stick it up on that hat, between the cotton balls so it would stick a little better.  I dabbed a little bit of acrylic gray paint on the white cotton balls.  You could also use gray spray paint to add a touch to your cloud.

That’s it!  This costume cost me under $10!

Do you ever dress up for Halloween?  It was fun to “join the party” and have fun with the kids at church!

What are you wearing during these cool/warm fall days?

Stay refreshed by going to a Bible preaching church this weekend!


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