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How To Be the Greatest Blessing to Your Children

As parents, don’t we all long to be a blessing to our children?  There’s so much you could do, and it can sometimes be overwhelming, can’t it?  I mean we could…send them to a private school, homeschool them, give them private music lessons, take them to every service at church, feed them the best organic foods, make sure their immunizations are up to date, or bake them your famous chocolate chip cookies.  But is all this enough?  Too much?

I love how God’s Word breaks down Truth for us in a way that simplifies what we tend to complicate. I read in Proverbs 20:7 yesterday –

The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

The “just” person is a woman who has trusted Christ as her Savior and now has a standing before God.  She is “justified” and God sees her through Christ as having never sinned.  Amazing, isn’t that?!  After that amazing transformation, she walks in integrity, and in so doing, is a blessing to her children.

What does it look like for a woman to “walk in integrity?”

  • She is steady.  She’s not waffling all over the place – hot and cold, back and forth, up and down.  She has her heart towards her Savior and her face towards heaven.
  • She is sold-out.  Her life belongs completely to God.  Therefore, she is in His Word daily, in His house regularly and on her knees consistently.
  • She is sparkling.  This doesn’t mean she never sins, but she is not involved in things that would cause someone to question her integrity.  Relationships are guarded, her heart is pure and her eyes are shielded against the things that would distract her from her spiritual goals.

Did you notice that none of those marks are things you do for your children? It’s nothing you buy for them or cook up in the kitchen. It’s all about who we are in our heart that makes us a blessing to anyone.  As we live out a faithful life for Christ, we are a blessing to those that we rub shoulders with, and who do you rub shoulders with more than those in your own home?!

So, what are you doing today that reveals your integrity?  Stay steady, sold out and sparkling, and you will be a great blessing to your children and grandchildren!  Oh, but go ahead and bake them some chocolate chip cookies!  A little sweet treat never hurt any mom’s reputation!

With love,


4 thoughts on “How To Be the Greatest Blessing to Your Children

  1. Another excellent post, Denise! This is something we can do for our children regardless of their age or location — even if they happen to live far away. I certainly seek to live this sort of a life, but I don’t think I had ever thought of this as something I can do for my children. I found this so encouraging today!


  2. I hope my children (all adults now) will see me this way and not expect to be given to all the time! I hope they and the grandchildren see how happy I am when I serve the Lord!


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