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Time for a Check Up

You put on your favorite jeans and notice that you have to take a really deep breath in to get them to button up.  An alarm goes off in your head telling you that a couple pounds need to come off!  So, you turn down dessert, say “no” to your coffee treats, and eat salad for lunch for the next week or two. You make another trip into the closet to try the jeans on again and you smile as they button up just fine.

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That little exercise is necessary, if you don’t want to have to buy the next size up in clothes, and you’re going to stay the same healthy weight. It’s a “check-up” that can pay off, if you pay attention.  It’s up to you, isn’t it?  No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and tell you not to eat potato chips and chocolate bars.  We do it for ourselves, if we want to stay fit and healthy.

What about spiritual check-ups?  How do you know when you need to lean away from the worldly influences and lean in harder to what will contribute to your spiritual health?  Reading and hearing God’s Word is one way we determine that, and I pray that even this blog and its simple posts will serve to push you a little closer each week to the God who made you and loves you.

That said, let’s try to “button up your spiritual jeans,” if you will.

  • Do you have an appetite and longing for God’s Word, or is it a duty you’re checking off each day?
  • Are you spending time truly interceding in prayer for your burdens and for others’?
  • Do you love to be in God’s house, or are you making excuses to avoid attending?
  • Are you serving the Lord faithfully at your church and with a right heart (not out of duty or with a critical spirit)?
  • Are you regularly seeking opportunities to share the Gospel with others?
  • Are you spending more time reading/listening to, and watching things that are of no spiritual benefit than you are things that will encourage your walk with God?
  • Are your friends and close companions pushing you closer to the Lord?
  • Are you aware of your sin – mental, attitudes, actions and words?  Do you feel the Spirit of God convict you when you sin?
  • Is your heart and attitude pleasing to God today?

These are questions that I ask myself regularly.  I am reminded that, just like a day or two of eating poorly, it only takes a day or two of disregarding spiritual things to get me away from where I should be – where I want to be, and where God wants me to be.  It’s then that I refocus and I:

  1. Confess the areas the Spirit of God points out to me.
  2. Ask for the Lord’s help to turn away from the things that pull me away from being close to my Savior.
  3. Make changes and say “no” to myself.

Mind you, these things don’t get me to heaven – I have an assurance of that based on God’s Word, that when I called on Him, He saved me from sin, eternal death and hell. But as His child, when I feed on spiritual food, I live out the truly fulfilling, joyful life of a child of God! That’s even better than fitting back into my jeans!

So, have you done some checking up on your spiritual life?  If you don’t have a relationship with God, that’s the starting place!  Here’s a great video that can explain what that means.
I’m so thankful to be a Christian – it’s the joy and delight of my heart!  How about you?  Are you enjoying your Christian life today?  If not, it may be because you need to do a little checking up on your spiritual waistline.

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Time for a Check Up

  1. I love this spiritual check-up checklist, and the simple directions to get back on the right path! You’re so right- nothing is more fulfilling than living the joyful life of a child of God!


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