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Making Leisure Days Productive & Restful

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Tennessee finally got a snow day!  I’ve been waiting for this since Christmas time!  In honor of all restful Snow Days, I’m going to wait to post a video today, but will get one out next week.

Let’s just do a fun post today about ways to make leisure days restful, but still productive. We all know how to rest, but how can we take a rare day at home both productive and restful? Is it possible?  Yes!  Here are a few ideas:

Let’s start with what we need to get rid of in order to rest:

  • Television
  • Facebook
  • Computer “stuff”
  • Texting

Let’s lift our face out of a screen and up around us at the people and place where we are!

Leisure activities:

  • Pick up a magazine and get inspiration for decorating your home.
  • Go through cookbooks and mark new recipes you want to try.
  • Read through an old journal and be blessed at the memories you recorded.
  • Read a book – one you’ve started and not finished or one you’ve wanted to get into.
  • Take a nap – Of course!

Things to do with others:

  • Play board games
  • Read aloud
  • Go outside
    • On snowy days – walk in the snow, build a snowman, shovel someone else’s sidewalk.
    • On warmer days, clean up the yard.  Take a walk.  Sit on the porch swing or rocking chairs.  Read out there!
  • Bake together

Around the House:

  • Work on a project you’ve neglected – hemming jeans, sewing buttons on, crafts like stamping, calligraphy or memory books.
  • Rearrange the furniture – a favorite of mine!!
  • Redo the decor on a mantle or bookshelf.
  • Straighten out drawers.
  • Oraganize something that is messy – a closet, a pile on the counter or floor.
  • Freshen up the kitchen by decluttering the countertops.

Don’t let snow days or leisure days be wasted by just hanging on the couch all day.  A little rest is good, but leisure days can be productive rest!

Have you had snow this week?  What fun things did you do while you were home?

Happy snow days to you, my friends!

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8 thoughts on “Making Leisure Days Productive & Restful

  1. We did have snow yesterday — and I gave myself permission to stay home. Here are some of the things I did with a more leisurely day:

    * Treated myself to a longer-than-usual Bible study time.
    * Planned menus for the week
    * Made my list for grocery shopping
    * Reorganized a pantry shelf
    * Read a chapter of a book I’ve been meaning to start
    * Wrote a note to a cousin
    * Worked on a UFO cross stitch project
    * Worked on a photo calendar (free Shutterfly offer)
    * Finished a blog post
    * Clipped and filed coupons

    The pace was slower, but a lot got accomplished, too. I’m definitely a fan of using leisure days wisely!


  2. Great ideas, and a super reminder to make leisure days count! Enjoy all that snow down south! We’ve had snow on the ground her since before Christmas. Today will be above freezing, so we should have a good bit of melting – which makes for mucky yards and slushy streets! Thanks for your tips, Denise!


    1. I’m glad we only have occasional snows! It makes it a special treat instead of a dread! I grew up in MI, so that’s what I remember! Hope your snow days are full of fun and productivity


  3. I liked your ideas, Denise, and the tips “mrstnh” commented on were good to. My favorite things would read almost all day long and take a nap. My husband and I love to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter time.


  4. We enjoyed a few days out of school because of the snow this week. I loved using that time to clean out a few closets and cooking comfort foods!


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