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What the Preacher’s Wife Wore – Early Spring 2018

It’s always kind of hard to know what to wear as the seasons are transitioning, isn’t it?  We had snow yesterday, but we have had some very warm temperatures in recent weeks, too.  You can go from needing a heavy coat in the morning to not needing one at all by supper!  So like last fall, the answer for me is layering.

Here are a few outfits I’ve put together in these early spring days.

You can’t beat yellow for a pop of spring color, right? I wore this on a Sunday that was pretty cold, so I needed warmth but didn’t want to look like Mrs. Winter!  I added the yellow sweater and pearls for color and a little brightening.

spring outfit 1


Another cold Sunday outfit ~  This was Sunday morning…

spring outfit 4

I dressed it down a little for Sunday night… adding a denim jacket and flats. Liza popped in for a lovely photo bomb!

spring outfit 3

A casual day with purple denim (hard to see the color here!), a loose white top and leopard flats.

spring outfit 2

A casual day out – I wore stretchy blue pants with a blouse and denim blazer.  Flat shoes and a light pink cross-body purse were spring additions!

spring outfit 5

I snap a picture of what I’m wearing and keep it in a file in my photos just for outfits.  That way when I’m struggling with what to wear, I can pull up a photo and wear something that is all put together for me!

I hope this will give you a little inspiration for your early spring outfits!

Happy snow I mean spring!

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P.S. I’m still struggling with my Movie maker.  It’s been uninstalled and reinstalled, but still not working properly.  Does anyone have a suggestion of another great movie editor?





6 thoughts on “What the Preacher’s Wife Wore – Early Spring 2018

      1. Well, I am glad that you hit “post” because it encourages me to take better care of myself. I have jewelry that I have bought and never wore. I have a little yellow sweater that a bought a year or two ago and never wore. I bet I will have it on this Sunday for Church. 🙂 Keep on “posting” What The Preacher’s Wife wore. Please.


  1. You always look so cute in whatever you are wearing. I like the yellow sweater with the black. Not sure I would have thought to do that (I would have been worried about looking like a bumblebee) but you proved it looks great! One challenge I am finding is that now that my hair is mostly silver (it used to be dark), colors that used to look good on me aren’t as flattering anymore. It’s a learning curve, like most of life! Thanks for sharing.


    1. This is so funny because I’ve said that very thing about looking like a bumble bee! I guess I need to remember to never wear a white belt with that outfit! Ha!
      I guess our styles have to continually being changing as the years pass. I’ll bet you look great in purple!


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