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Easter Reflections

Uncharacteristic as it is for my Monday posts, I’m just going to do a recap of some of Easter’s highlights.  Since it’s my favorite holiday, I’m going to continue to let my thoughts dwell on the great time we had celebrating Resurrection Day!


I changed out my chalkboard because I love the things in my house to tell the story of what is in my heart.


New life.  My husband and I took a bike ride and I saw new life all around us as we rode.  Leaves budding on the trees, baby ducks and even a deer off in the grass.  Do you see it?


We had the blessing of a Good Friday Service at our church.  Oh, how wonderful to remember Christ’s death and all it did for me!!  If He had come down from the cross I would be lost in my sin forever.  Praise God for redemption through His Son!


Okay, this post had to include food!  This Coconut Cake was featured as a Christmas Cake in this Southern living Cookbook, but it has been our Easter tradition for as long as I can remember!  I know I talk about it every year, but, oh my goodness, is it ever delicious!  The lemon curd in-between the yellow cake layers is heaven.  The fluffy icing balances out the tartness of the curd perfectly!  I love the process of making the cake; it’s like I’m fulfilling a family tradition, because I really am!  I think I might get fired if this wasn’t presented after Easter dinner!   Well, maybe not, but I’m pretty sure I’d hear about it!

How was your Easter weekend?  What did you do?  How did you celebrate the resurrection? What did you eat?

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6 thoughts on “Easter Reflections

  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Our family has a long tradition of making Easter Bunny cakes. I have spent many years doing cakes first with my kids and then with my grandkids. Now, three of the grandkids are grown with kids of their own and they still make the bunny cakes. It was so much fun this week-end getting pictures from them all showcasing their bunny cakes that they had made with their kids… great grandkids.

    We went to Good Friday service at our Church. It was very simple and so meaningful. Yesterday, we had a wonderful, wonderful service with our new pastor. The music was outstanding, the sermon was wonderful. What an amazing day it was. Like you… I am going to dwell on yesterday and all that He did for me. xoxoxoxo’s


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