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Overwhelmed or Refreshed By Life?

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I’m just so overwhelmed!

Those words came from a wife, mom, employee, church member, daughter, daughter-in-law, who probably has lots more roles that she plays.  We’ve all been in the place where we feel like the pressures from every side are coming in on us.  So, how in the world DO we handle all those responsibilities?  They all need attention.  They’re all important, but we know we aren’t superwoman with super-powers enabling us to conquer the world in which we are engulfed.

What’s a woman to do? How do we get it all done?

I think we all have to re-evaluate often.  When we feel pressure about several things that need our attention, we have to stop and ask:

Is my life exemplifying a life that a is given over to the Lord to do as He wills each day?
Am I obeying His Word and priorities for my life?
Do my words and my actions match?

For instance, I love writing my blog, and my passion here is all about refreshment that begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ and then moves to family/home, then church and others.  If I follow the things I teach from God’s Word, I will keep blogging its right place.

This week we were able to make a quick trip to visit my family in Kentucky.  We celebrated Memorial Day on the lake with my sisters, their husbands and our parents.  It was a fabulous day.  At the end of the boating excursion and return to my parent’s home, we decided since it was late in the afternoon, we would wait and come home on Tuesday.  No blog post had been written for Tuesday, but I had a decision to make – visit with my family for those hours, or interrupt it with computer time.  The choice was simple. We had a great visit!

Here are some other practical examples that might happen in my life:

If it comes between…

  • Quiet time in God’s Word and rushing out the door…which will I choose? God is first.
  • Time at my church for services or time with visiting relatives?  God is first.
  • Time with friends at an extra outside activity or time I’d planned with my family?  Family is first.
  • Bible study with my small group or time to chill and watch a movie?  Others are first.
  • Time with my grandsons or time with my husband?  He is first.
  • Time to exercise or time to pray? God is first.
  • Time watching my friend’s children or watching my grandsons?  Family is first.

There are many times that I have regretted the poor decision to shift my priorities.  But I pray each day that the Lord will direct my steps and help me make the best choice, and He does when I lean in for His guidance.

One day last week I had an idea of what I would do that day and it got completely changed.  One event was when a friend stopped by.  She later sent a text apologizing for “keeping me,” but as I told her, when you give your day to the Lord, you take whatever He sends, and sometimes He sends the blessing of time with a friend when you didn’t expect it!  The Lord knew I needed that, even though I didn’t schedule it, He did! It refreshed me!

We need the Lord every single day for every moment of the day.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed, rest in God’s priorities for your life, and listen to His leading.  His plans are always better than what we could dream up, and when we lay our head on our pillow at night, we can say what Jesus said, “Lord, I have done the work you gave me to do.” His ways don’t overwhelm; they refresh.

What areas of your life do you need to re-evaluate according to God’s priorities for your life? Where do you feel most overwhelmed?

Don’t stress – Stay refreshed.




9 thoughts on “Overwhelmed or Refreshed By Life?

  1. This is so encouraging, Denise! Just last night I was feeling so overwhelmed. There is just so much to do each day and I just don’t keep up. In addition to home and ministry responsibilities, I am the sole trustee for an estate and responsible for selling everything. I’m trying to support my hubby all that I can as he is heading up a pastoral search committee (for three years now) and arranging pulpit supply — and we are both trying to reach out to a needy couple who attend our church sporadically.

    I do see the Lord leading in our lives each day as we commit our days to Him. But sometimes (like last night) at the end of a day, I feel so overwhelmed at all that I am still responsible for. Your practical examples helped so much! Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Wow! You do have a lot on your shoulders, but I know the Lord will direct you as you look to him each day. Thank you so much for reading. You always encourage me!


  2. It can be difficult as I care for aging parents (my mom has Dementia), yet still want to minister to my husband, children, and grand daughter. What about expectations from extended family? Church ministry? A friend and i just started a 90 day devotional together, Spread Too Thin. Praying it will help stay focused on what god has for our lives.


    1. I’m so sorry for your mom’s health issues; that does make things difficult. I only had a few months several years ago of caring for my Mother-in-law in Hospice in our home. My days were pretty much spent on her care. There were a few times that my husband and I had someone come sit with her so we could just go to the grocery store together or go get coffee. We also took one opportunity to go away overnight. We knew our relationship needed those times. My times in God’s Word were with her. I would sit and read to her from the Scriptures. It fed us both during those hard days. Church attendance was limited and I just had fellowship with those who would lovingly stop to see us and encourage us.
      Each day just ask the Lord to help you know what the next right thing is. He will. As I look back on it, I realize that that period of time seemed so long, but it really wasn’t. God gave grace and wisdom as He promises.
      II Cor. 12:9, James 1:5
      Praying for you, friend.


  3. I’m reading this on 7/29/22 and it is just what I needed to hear. Work, ministry, caregiving for mother with dementia, son with autism — sometimes I feel as if my brain will explode. . . I’m going to share this with some of the ladies at church as well. thank you writing this. I’ve been in touch with you before and downloaded your prayer journal — thanks – I’m using it (not everyday yet). Thanks, Denise!!


    1. Oh Carrie, I’m so thankful this helped you with the load you are carrying. One thing at a time, one step at a time, God will help you implement these goals listed. 💕
      I’m happy you’re still using the prayer journal! 👏
      Thank you for encouraging me!


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