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My Daily Schedule

Last week I mentioned how helpful it is to work at home using a routine or schedule for cleaning. It helps keep me on track and it ensures that everything gets cleaned eventually.

My personal schedule isn’t extensive, but it’s helpful to me.  That is the key –

Make your schedule work for your home, your lifestyle. 


My schedule (above) is just a skeleton of what I do at home. It helps guide me through the areas that need attention.  Cleaning the bathrooms isn’t on my list because it’s something I do every day.  My husband does the vacuuming, so that’s not on the list either.

The section that says, “Little minutes,” are tasks I do when I have a little time to kill.  If I’m on the phone and can do a quiet job, or if I am waiting for diner to finish in the oven, or have a minute before leaving to go somewhere I’ll do one of the jobs on that list.

There are other things that I do every day such as:

  • Make the bed
  • Clean the litter and cat food dishes
  • Sweep the laundry room (Liza’s room!)
  • Empty the trash
  • Wipe the stainless steel
  • Laundry – I do it every weekday (not just on Monday where it’s listed)
  • Straighten up the living areas before I go to bed
  • Clear off kitchen counters

My house isn’t ever perfect, but with this schedule I can keep it the way that is comfortable for us.  I’m always glad I went ahead and emptied the dish drainer or cleared the mail off the counter when a surprise knock at the door welcomes a friend!

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