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Safe Am I

When our daughter and son-in-law brought their precious twin boys home from the hospital, I watched with intensity as they got the babies ready to go to sleep in their bassinets. They would lay down a blanket on the changing table, set the baby at an angle in the middle, and then bring each side in very tightly. Finally the bottom part of the blanket came up and was tucked in securely. it was like they were ready for shipping by UPS! There was not chance for flailing arms or legs – every part of the boys was tucked safely and securely inside.

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This was a whole new approach to me, since my last baby came more than 25 years before. I felt concerned.

“Won’t the boys need to stretch?” I asked.

“This swaddle will keep them from jumping and alarming themselves while they sleep” my daughter explained.

True to its word, that tight little swaddle kept them snug and sleeping soundly until their tummies woke them up with hunger.

Little babies have it made, don’t they?! To be wrapped so safely and snuggly and allowed to rest like that would be like….well, it would be just like what Christ does for us as His children. As a matter of a fact, there’s even a reference in Scripture to the Lord doing that very thing for David.

We’ve been taking a look at the story of Nabal the fool and how he angered David by refusing to feed him and his men after they had treated Nabal’s sheep shearers kindly. David decided this man and all his household would die as a result! A wise servant of Nabal’s hurries to Nabal’s wife, Abigail to tell her what has taken place and also of the sure destruction that was coming soon unless someone stopped David.

Wise and beautiful Abigail stepped in by sending a huge gift of food to David and his men. (Wisdom fed the men before talking!) It was sheep shearing time, and there had been lots of preparations, so she was well able to load the donkeys with the best of food to fill the appetites of these hungry soldiers.

But now David needed to be addressed and Abigail had the godly character and wisdom to know just how to speak the truth into his heart. You can read exactly what she said here. She simply reminded David that if he killed these innocent men, he would have a blight on his name, but if he would trust the Lord, God would take care of wicked Nabal.

As I imagine this scene in my mind, I see David’s hand drop from his sword and hang down at his side. His shoulders relax and his head drops as he realizes the foolish decision he had been spared.

Abigail reminded David of a truth that is especially beautiful for each one of us who know Christ and could feel like some threat or danger is before us ~

But the soul of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God;

She was saying that David was safe in God’s hands, that God would watch over and protect him, just like a traveler who carries their precious possessions bundled up underneath their robes.

Friends, that is our position in Christ! We are bound up in His bundle! It’s like He has us wrapped up in a swaddling blanket and carries us close to His heart.

When I was a girl we would sing the song, Safe am I, safe am I, in the hollow of His hand. There’s no better place to be than safe in Christ!
(Here’s a recording of the song made by The Dayspring Quartet.)

Whatever trouble may be around you today, stop and realize that if Christ is your Savior, you are safe and secure in Him…all day and all night, too. Like those little baby boys wrapped so tightly, there’s no need for us to jump or be alarmed!

Now rest peacefully.

5 thoughts on “Safe Am I

  1. Hello Denise! 🙂
    Trusting all is well! 🙂
    Thank you for today’s encouraging post!
    I have been singing that hymn all week. We had a hymn sing at Grace Baptist in Moncton, New Brunswick this past Sunday evening. So when I saw your title for today, I was reassured by the Lord, “safe am I” 🙂
    I often watch your church’s services, and really enjoy them!
    Hope to see you sometime when we can all meet again at Forest Glen Bible Camp! 🙂
    Have a blessed filled day!!
    Christ love and prayers,


    1. Oh Stephanie, how sweet to hear from you! You can’t imagine how often I think of you and the other dear ladies of Nova Scotia!
      The hymn sing must have been a sweet blessing as you were reminded of all the truths the songs contain. Isn’t it precious to know we are indeed safe in Christ?!
      I’m so glad you are able to see the church services and “join us!” You need to come visit in person some time!
      I would love the blessing of returning to Forest Glen, if the Lord would so allow. May the Lord bless you richly. Thanks again for your sweet comment!


      1. Awww, thank you, Denise!
        I often think about you as well, and pray for your church. 🙏 You have such a wonderful ministry there!
        I would love to visit your church in person! I often mention it to my husband, so hopefully in the near future!
        What a blessing that would be! 😊
        It sure is precious to know that we are safe in Christ, especially in these days! Wonderful promises we have from him!

        God Bless! ❤️

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