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Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies

I enjoy getting stretched in my cooking and baking skills. When more and more people have food allergies, it can be a challenge to have snacks or meals in which everyone can partake. Several people in my small group Bible study have a gluten intolerance, so I’ve been challenged to find recipes they can enjoy.

While on vacation I stumbled across a cookbook called, Skinny Southern Baking, by Laura Lyn Carter.

From breads to cakes, this book has it all. The thing that attracted me to her recipes was that there is no strange ingredients like xanthan gum. Of course you use gluten-free flours, but that’s the only extra ingredient needed, for the most part.

I tried my first recipe a couple weeks ago and got rave reviews from not only the gluten-free snackers, but also from others who wanted to try them!

Laura’s recipe for her cookies is here.

Some notes regarding this recipe:

  • She doesn’t give the yield on her recipes, which I like to know. This recipe will yield 2 dozen.
  • I did make one addition to the recipe – I rolled the cookie dough in coarse sugar before baking. I think the crunch of the sugary outside helped the texture of the almond flour.
  • She uses refined sugars; I used normal granulated sugar instead. Almond flour isn’t cheap, so I didn’t feel like I also wanted to add the expense of refined sugar. It’s totally up to you, but it won’t change the taste of the cookie!

If you don’t need a Gluten-Free cookie, please try this recipe for our FAVORITE Ginger Cookies (pictured below). They are my husband’s favorite cookie in the world (okay, maybe in Tennessee!). They are perfection! They taste every bit as good as a pricey cookie we purchase at a bakery nearby!

Other options I’ve shared for Gluten-Free treats can be found here,

here and here.

Does your family deal with food allergies? Do you have a favorite “go-to” cookbook or site you use?

6 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Ginger Cookies

  1. My hubby is gluten free. Many times the gluten free food/treats taste better than the regular ones!! I’m not a big fan of cooking or baking ~ I do it because I have to, and it’s important to my hubby. Bisquick has a gluten free baking mix and I’ve picked up recipe books at the check out based on that specific mix that are really easy and good. Aldi has a GF baking mix that works well and is cheaper!


    1. Thanks for the tips on the Bisquick and Aldi’s gluten-free baking mix! What a good wife you are to bake for your husband even though you don’t enjoy it! Way to go!


  2. I have a gluten intolerance which I developed in my 50’s, so it can happen anytime. I have had mixed success with gluten-free baking. GF Pie crust does not turn out well for me. Most of the time cookies and muffins turn out very well. I tend to use regular recipes and substitute King Arthur cup-for-cup GF flour, which is my favorite, for regular flour. I also like to use flourless brownie and cookie recipes, as they are usually really good! i will try this recipe.


  3. I have to eat gluten free and I’m always looking for good recipes. When I bake here in Japan, I try to make things everyone can enjoy. Thank you!


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