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The Blessing of Building a Home

Just stepping inside the doors brought a rush of calm and the understanding that “everything was going to be okay.”  Welcoming us was warm lighting over plump sofas, the aromas of homemade baked goods, and soft music playing somewhere in the kitchen.  Familial hugs greeted us and our tired bodies finally relaxed. We were home and safe.  

Our family of four had just packed up all our earthly goods and our two travel-resistant cats to traverse what seemed to be weeks on the Oregon Trail.  In reality, it was simply a day’s journey south on I-75. We were staying the night at my parent’s home, which was halfway to the new ministry where my husband had accepted the call as pastor.  The trip started out with tearful hearts that had wept at leaving the dear people we had worshiped with for the last seven years. 

To make the move even more arduous, the U-Haul truck was less than cooperative, one cat escaped from her carrier,  the weather howled, and a stress migraine descended. We wondered if we had somehow missed the will of God. But now we had made it safely to our overnight accommodations in my parent’s home, and we were immediately put to ease.  

Oh the impact of a godly home; it can encourage the weary heart to keep on keeping on. It can remind us of the peace we have in Christ. Godly homes fuel the mind with the power of the Word of God, and our bodies with the physical food and comforts that only home provides. 

“Every wise woman builds her home.” (Proverbs 14:1) You dear lady, have the power from the Lord to provide an atmosphere that will strengthen those that enter to stay on the path, even when life is the most difficult.  Keep on building!

What would the Lord have you add to your home to make it the comfort and respite others need?
What simple thing could you do today to bring that to pass?
Do you have a special memory of a time when home was a special blessing?

5 thoughts on “The Blessing of Building a Home

  1. Denise, I remember hearing this story in another post a long time ago and I have always thought about it when getting ready for company, especially for those who have traveled all day. Thank you for this reminder to provide a warm and pleasant respite (plus those aromatic baked goods!) for my own family and guests!


  2. I recently started taking note of where each family member goes when we get home from traveling. After all of the suitcases are unpacked, where does each family member choose to spend time/what activities do they want to jump into. Then I look for ways to enhance that area/activity. For example, move a lamp to where one child likes to read. Place a new craft in the craft cabinet to be discovered when we get home. Make a pie and freeze it to pop into the oven when we get in.

    My house is hard to find- Google maps can’t find us. After a guest told us they were nervous ringing the bell (thinking it might not be the right home) I started waiting on my porch for guests to arrive so l they know “this is it” when they arrive.


    1. I love this, Amy. Your family will treasure the comfort of coming home when “their” areas are suited to the things they love. What guest wouldn’t feel welcome to find their hosts on the front porch awaiting their arrival? That’s the ultimate of hospitality! So wise! Thanks for sharing!


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