Dealing With the Dark, Void Situations

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Ugly, sobbing cries…I hate them, but I’ve had my share of them in my life.  The situations that caused them were varied, but one thing was common – I could do nothing in myself to change the issue.  Some were caused by people that had done unkind things.  Some were from deaths.  Some were the consequences of other people’s sin, or my own.
At times, I have felt like a black blanket was thrown over top of me, and I felt I might suffocate in my circumstances.

But my case isn’t new – it’s how everything began ~

Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.



That describes pre-creation.  Picture it in your mind.  BlacknessNothingness.

But then God stepped in and with only a word, He created









The emptiness was now an abundance!  The darkness was now brilliant with lights!

This story of creation is where our Bible begins telling us about our God.  The rest of its pages tell us how He takes the darkness and emptiness from our lives and fills them with an abundance of beauty.  It begins in salvation, when we hear Christ being whispered on every page of the Scripture, and we know that He alone can fill the emptiness and longings of our heart.  He replaces the darkness of sin with the light of His forgiveness and His presence now and for all eternity!

Heaven will be wonderful, but this Christian life can still be full of darkness and emptiness because we still deal with sin, in ourselves and others.  We still have to deal with the result of sin – sickness and death and with the grief they bring. We still deal with the consequences of sin.

What do we do with this heavy thing that rumbles under our pillow at night and wakes us up with a start in the morning?

We get up and we acknowledge that our Creator is the only One Who can turn darkness into beauty and fill emptiness with bounty.

How to do that?

  1. Make the choice to believe the Truth about Who God is.
    • Sovereign
    • Loving
    • Gracious
    • Father
    • Kind
    • Creator
  2. Bow the knee before Him and ask Him to turn your situation into something beautiful for His glory. 
  3. Make this a daily habit until God answers.

After it is answered, you will be so in awe of God, that you won’t stop bowing before Him. If God never changes your situation, He will be changing you, and that will be the most beautiful transformation ever! It will be the best part of your day, and the only way you can begin again to see the dark, empty things turn into beautiful circumstances.

Empty relationships.

Dark consequences.

Empty longings.

God knows about them all.  Pour out your heart before Him and trust Him to do what He does best. He can fill the emptiness with abundance (with Himself) and the darkness with light! 

I will fill their treasures.

What dark and empty circumstance do you need to give to the Lord today?

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