Godly Woman Character Traits


  1. It begins with an awareness of what is going on in your own spiritual heart. Be ready to hear from God each day, saying, speak Lord.
  2. Be aware of the blessings that God showers along your path each day.
  3. Be attentive to the needs of others.
    1. Friends
      Look them in the eye, not beyond them
      Ask questions
      Nod, respond. Care.
    2. Strangers – Store clerks, church visitors, other shoppers, drivers, etc.
      Be kind
      Be Conversant and Gospel-minded. It’s no accident you’ve bumped into them. We could be the answer to someone’s prayers.
    3. Spouse – Put down what you’re doing to listen.
      Look him in the eye
      Give loving attention to him.
      Show appreciation for gestures he’s done
    4. Children – Get down eyeball to eyeball and hear what they’re saying.
      Prov 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he hears it it is a folly and shame unto him. Listening will allow you to have a better understanding of how to deal with their needs and the sin in their lives.
  4. Be attentive to our surroundings.
    1. Not on phone in a public place, store or business.
    2. Not blocking the aisle in the store.
    3. Alert when driving, Car parked in the lines, ready to turn at green arrow, etc.
    4. On time for appointments