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Summertime Lifeline for Moms

Summertime is here, and while the children are rejoicing, sometimes moms can be overwhelmed with how she’s going to keep the family atmosphere positive and God-honoring. In short, she’s wondering how to keep the children from bickering and falling into moods that are less than adoring! Help is on the way!!

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Biblical Womanhood · Grandparents · podcast

Godly Grandparenting

There’s a lot more to being a grandparent than “spoiling our grandchildren and sending them home!” Aside from the obvious – loving those children,  we have some God-given responsibilities that can help shape their lives. This podcast shares three simple, yet important ways we can do that, along with some tips and tricks to make it fun and memorable!

Here’s a clip from the podcast ~

You can hear the whole episode here.

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Your Kitchen Counter

What is the state of your kitchen counter at this moment? Check one below:

  • What counter? I have a counter?
  • If I don’t know where to put something, it gets piled here.
  • There’s NOTHING on my counter.
  • It’s cleared, clean and even decorated.

Since the kitchen counter is pretty much the center of the activity in the kitchen, how about a little inspiration to spiff it up a bit?

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friends · podcast

Attributes of a True Friend

Proverbs 27 describes attributes of a true friend, and we clearly see these in the way Christ responds to us. By looking at these characteristics, we can also glean ways we should be responding to and treating our earthly friends. Listen to the podcast and learn if you are displaying these characteristics to the people you call your close companions.

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