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Accessorize It!

Got a minute – literally?  Here’s a very short video showing how easy it is to be casual but still look like you’ve put some thought into what you’re wearing.  It’s a point I’ve brought up before – it’s all about adding accessories.  It doesn’t even have to be much.  If you’re wearing a plain tee shirt, adding a necklace that has a bright pop of color can bump up that outfit from just



“That looks nice!!”

casual outfit a.jpg

Here are a few more examples with the name of the game being…ACCESSORIZE. 

I’d encourage you to find a few necklaces you love with pops of color.  Just walk into a store with a good variety and whatever you find that you love, buy it!!  You will have lots to wear with it!

Refresh your casual outfits with some fun pieces!



The Who, What and When of Encouragement

Yesterday a friend posted a memory on Facebook that included me.  It was from a couple years ago when I spoke at a ladies’ retreat. I had a band of women from my church who attended with me. They knew I felt inadequate to do this task.  So they sat in the front.  They smiled, nodded and prayed.  They were such a blessing to me all weekend. Some of them wrote me cards.  Some brought me thoughtful gifts, some stopped and prayed with me.  But no matter, each one touched my heart so deeply and encouraged me at a time when I really needed it!

Who – We all need encouragement from time to time.  It could be a difficult trial, a sad situation, a sickness, a loss, an overwhelming family matter or just gloomy weather that puts us each in need of the sunshine that others can bring!  Who have you noticed lately that is going through something difficult?  They could be your target for encouragement.

What – It’s easy to feel at a loss as to what to say or do when we desire to be a blessing to someone in need, but it isn’t necessary to do something huge; it’s often the little things that matter the most!  Think small.  Think practical.

  • Share God’s Word.  Read them Scripture that is encouraging.  This is so profitable!
  • Give a small gift –
    • Candy bar
    • chewing gum
    • bookmark
    • small wooden sign
    • a picture of a memory
    • a CD
    • a $10 gift card for ice cream
    • a small bouquet of flowers
  • Make a phone call or visit
  • Send a snail mail card and note
  • Write a text with a fun emoji
  • Give a loving touch – a hand on the shoulder or arm.
  • Prepare a meal or even part of a meal –
    • Breakfast foods – Yogurt and fruit and muffins, Coffee
    • Fresh fruits
    • Homemade cookies or breads
  • Extend an invitation to come to your home or to go out and do something together

When – Obey as soon as the Lord nudges you.  Don’t make excuses or put it off.  Be prompt in your encouragement.  Tomorrow’s opportunity may never come; do it today.

I’m so thankful for dear friends who saw my need and responded.  It gave me strength to do what God had called me to do, just as Aaron and Hur helped Moses. (Exodus 17:12)

Whose arms do you need to lift up? God will show you what to do.  Then do it right away.

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A Trial More Than I Can Bear


More than I can bear

Do you ever think that God sends a trial your way because you are weak and He wants to make you strong? People often repeat the quote,

God will never give me more than I can bear,

but that’s not true! He gives us situations that are more than we can handle so we’ll depend on His strength instead of our own! Let me tell you how He revealed that to me just recently. Continue reading “A Trial More Than I Can Bear”

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Spinach Salad With a Twist

Meals can get boring if you don’t change things up a bit.  I’ve found it’s all about The Sides!  If you make your famous meatloaf or pork loin and just add a couple of different sides to along with it, it turns it into a brand new meal!

I love salads of all kinds, and a Spinach Salad is right up there with my favorites!  I love this old standard, Continue reading “Spinach Salad With a Twist”

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Faithful & Full

empty tank

Running on empty is not a good thing.

Years ago when I was single, I was driving in town and all of the sudden my car sputtered, coughed, and then STOPPED.

I know nothing about cars, so I had no idea what the problem could be, but I assumed I had engine trouble.

I was teaching at a Christian school far away from my parents, so I called my pastor and told him my car was dead and I needed help.  He came to my rescue and the first question he asked was,

“Do you have gas in your tank?”
“Oh yes, I have gas,”  I replied.

My dad always said he doesn’t feel sorry for anyone who runs out of gas because you can see if you need to fill up!  I tried to live by the good principle of keeping the tank full, and was sure that I hadn’t stooped to this negligent nature of not watching how empty my tank really was!

So, after my pastor did all the checking he could on the engine, he decided to look at the gas tank level.  It was on empty.  I can still remember the embarrassment I felt.  No matter how much I said the tank had gas, the truth was eventually revealed.

Empty is never good.  Think about it…

  • Empty cupboards
  • Empty house
  • Empty wallet
  • Empty life
    or even
  • Empty words

Proverbs 20:6

Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness:
but a faithful man who can find?

Proclaiming our own goodness is using empty words.  They come from the person who says they’re full, but they’re running on empty.

  • I go to church.
    • But their life is their own the rest of the week.
  • I’m a good person.
    • But they fail to realize that all are sinners in need of a Savior.
  • I’m better than _______.
    • They compare themselves to others instead of God’s standard.
  • I’m a Christian.
    • But they live their life as they please.
    • There’s little desire to grow, to be in God’s Word, or to talk to God in a relational way.
    • In a trial they fall apart.
    • In difficulty they are weak because they are far from God and they operate in their own strength and get what they can do, rather than what God wants to do.
    • They look just like an unbeliever in their lifestyle, their activities, conversations and desires.

If we’re honest, we all run on “empty” from time to time.  The encouragement here in this Proverb is not to say you’re full, when you’re really not.  We must be honest and admit the need.  When we confess the need we call it what God calls it – this is repenting and turning from our own way.  Then we open our arms and embrace God’s way instead.  We allow Him to fill us and enable us to be faithful. You can keep your “tank” filled by reading His Word and talking with Him.  Keep short accounts of your sin. Obey whatever He tells you to do.  Your heart will be filled with His joy and His life!

Let’s not be like foolish I was, running on empty and thinking I could boast about being full.  Let’s admit our emptiness and allow the Lord to sweetly come to our rescue!

The emptiness you feel can only be met in Christ.  If He is already your Savior, tell Him your need and your heart’s longing.  He promises to fill us with His presence and peace.  If you’ve never trusted in Him to be your Savior for your sin, tell Him you want to have a relationship with Him, that you know you’re a sinner and need Him to save you.

Rather than boasting while on empty, let’s stay faithful and full!

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Spring 2018 Favorites

It’s not right to find great products or ideas and not share, so today I’m going to show you a few things that I’m loving!

Southerners like their sweet tea!  I don’t drink it at every meal, or even every day, but when I enjoy a glass, I LOVE this Lipton Southern Sweet Tea.


It’s sweetened in the the tea bag with Sucralose, an artificial sweetener.  It is absolutely delicious and it takes the guess work out of how much sweetener or sugar to add to the tea.  There’s no aftertaste with this sweetener and I love that I’m not adding additional calories.  This is a great southern tea!!

Working at the bar counter in the kitchen can make the floors messy AND make my back ache.  I recently found this long padded rug.


Any crumbs that fall on it don’t show up like they do on the hardwood.  Cleaning this rug is so easy – a Swiffer and a mop over top and it’s done!  The padding is perfect and has really helped my back.  I paid $30 for it at TJ Maxx.  I went back looking for another one and they were snatched up.  I’d love to have another one like this in front of the sink.  I love the pattern, too; it’s  a pretty addition to the kitchen!

I love making seasonal drawings on my kitchen chalkboard.  Being a hot and cold tea lover, I thought this one was perfect:

tea chalkboard

Here’s one in the living room:

spring chalkboard

You can see a couple other new favorites here on my recently uploaded video.  There’s also an update on my Craft/Guest Room!


Is there something new you’ve recently found that you’re loving?

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