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Re-purposing Dollar Tree Finds

There are few You Tube channels that I watch or follow, but I love Do It On a Dime!  Katherine’s channel is fun, inspiring and also full of brief videos.  If you’re not following her, you need to check out her channel!

This week she posted a video about re-purposing a couple of Dollar Tree finds.  She inspired me to give it a whirl.  Here’s what I did with mine ~

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School, Seasons and Sad Momma’s

With school starting back up, I thought this might be a helpful reminder to some moms who could be hurting with the changes that have come this year.


I want to take just a minute to encourage moms today. From one who has been there, I realize that this time of year can be an emotional roller coaster for women who may feel they aren’t needed in their children’s lives quite like prior years. My only longing is to give a biblical perspective to guide a mom’s heart. So, here we go…


Late August can only mean one thing for children – school is back in session. For some of their momma’s, there is relief of no more slamming screen doors, frantic baseball schedules and camp-bound teens. They greet the fall and its changes with a happy sigh and open arms.

But for some moms, this school session brings sadness because they’re not just staring at lunch boxes and back packs; they’re staring at the changes it has brought. Perhaps…

  • One child has left home to head to…

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Don’t Stress; Simplify Summer


School’s out and the kids are wildly excited! Their moms, however, are shrinking back in the corner, an Iced Mocha in one hand and their other hand on their forehead in an effort to calm the storm they feel coming.  It’s called Summertime.

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A Few Ina Garten Favorite Recipes


I love the blessing of cooking food for other people.  When I recently made a meal for a family whom we love, I knew that they were fans (especially one of their daughters) of Ina Garten’s recipes. So I made up a menu of mostly all her recipes and set to work.  I made one BIG blunder..,read on to see what I did!

Here’s what I made:

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A Surprising Discovery

Have you ever discovered something that was in a totally unexpected place?  I know the (embarrassed) feeling! A discovery was made years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.  You can hear my story in the video below.


Keeping my kitchen drawers cleaned out is a regular chore for me now, but I pray that the spiritual lesson it taught me will be even more ingrained in my life so that nothing will get “swept into” my heart that will break my fellowship with God.

Do your spiritual life a favor and check your heart.

Did you check your silverware drawer?  How was it?

Do you daily set a pretty table for supper?  

Refresh your heart by guarding it carefully,

denise a


Say “Welcome” With Your Door!

Hi friends! I’m just sharing a quick little post with an idea I tried recently and love!

I found a package of vinyl stickers at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack. I paid under a dollar for a sticker that I knew would look adorable on my garage door. This is meant for scrapbooking, but it affixed to the door perfectly!

No paint, no stencil needed! Just pull off the backing and stick in place!

It’s my tendency to put all my efforts into the front door, but my husband comes through that door every day! I thought a pleasant greeting should await him, too!

What could you add to the door where your family enters? What do want to say to your guests who approach your home? Why not say it with a vinyl sticker?!