How To Respond To Unfulfilled Longings

It’s easy to feel frustrated when we’ve prayed about a longing in our heart, yet it seems that God is not listening, or that He is never going to answer. How should we respond at times like this? Today’s podcast gives four responses that will keep our hearts tender and help us move forward.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Can you relate to this kind of frustration? Which of the four suggestions is most difficult for you?

If this podcast was encouraging, how about thinking of someone else who might benefit from it and sending it their way?

Refresh the way you respond to unfulfilled expectations.

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A Heart For Home

After being away from home for over half of the month of October, my heart and feet have been very happy to be back in my residence! I am very much a home-body, loving everything about home life. I think I’ve learned to appreciate it even more after so much absence. As I have “dug my heels” into the necessary chores and responsibilities of running a home, I’ve thanked the Lord for His gift of home, and for the blessing of being a homemaker. When our girls were young, at one time, my husband worked three jobs so I could stay home and care for our family. What a sacrifice! For many years, I have said to my husband,

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