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Ten Stress-Reducers For Marriage


Days, weeks, and months of our lives can be filled with stress. If you’re blessed to have a marriage partner, you can help one another deal with the stress. Here are ten ways to do that.

  1. Refresh daily with God’s Word.  Only His Word can help YOU be what you need to be.
  2. Always put your spouse first.  This requires humility…see point #1!
  3. Learn to say “NO.” This means you’re saying, “Yes” to more important things!
  4. Build together time into your schedule. If you don’t put it in, it likely won’t happen.
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Stay Awake!

It’s amazing to me how easily my husband can fall asleep.  What a blessing that he can stretch back in his chair for a ten minute nap and be asleep in 30 seconds. He gets the benefit of the whole ten minutes!  When I try to take a nap, it takes me nine minutes to fall asleep and leaves me with one minute to rest!

However, falling asleep quickly at the wrong time or at the wrong place can be disastrous! If a person falls asleep at the wheel, the consequences could be deadly. If one were to fall asleep when seated in a classroom or auditorium, humiliation is sure to follow! A picture of Gomer Pyle snoring in church pops into my mind!

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Three Signs of a Healthy Marriage

We all pray for a good report at our yearly check-up at the doctor, don’t we?  We go with the desire to stay on top of health issues that may be a concern.  Early diagnosis is best they say.  That way things can be treated.  

How about our marriages?  Do you ever take a good hard look at your marriage to make sure it’s healthy?  It’s best to find problems before they get deep roots.  So, let’s take a look at a few symptoms that your marriage is indeed thriving!

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Be All In!

Years ago I remember walking along a path in which there was absolutely no light.  I had no cell phone flashlight in my pocket to aid my faltering steps.  Therer was no moonlight or glowing porch bulb that might remove the terror of my feet. I found myself grappling along, inch by inch, down a concrete stairway and sidewalk in which I made every step cautiously and with hesitation.  It was as though my toe would move forward and the rest of my body hesitated to follow, due to fear of what was ahead!

Fear can lead to lots of miserable things in our lives, but it can do the same in relationships.  Let’s think about what fear in marriage can do. If a wife is afraid that her marriage might not make it, it can keep that relationship from experiencing the freedom that a simple light would have given me that night on the dark path.  What might be the results in a marriage?

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The Two Greatest Men In My Life

Father’s Day and my wedding anniversary come close together in June, giving me the blessing of celebrating the two greatest men in my life – my dad and my husband. They are both imperfect, of course, but let me tell you why I delight in celebrating them this weekend.

Even at 89, my dad enjoys working on tasks he’s able to do.
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