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Attributes of a True Friend

Proverbs 27 describes attributes of a true friend, and we clearly see these in the way Christ responds to us. By looking at these characteristics, we can also glean ways we should be responding to and treating our earthly friends. Listen to the podcast and learn if you are displaying these characteristics to the people you call your close companions.

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An Appointment To Die Daily

Christ gave a command to His followers to take up our cross and daily follow Him. That means we have an appointment to die every day. Listen to the podcast today to hear what this looks like, and how it could change the way you view and approach everything in your life.

.Here’s a snippet of what it means to die daily ~

Listen to the 15-minute episode here.

How do you think it would effect your contentment, your relationship struggles or your worries if you followed this directive from the Lord Jesus? What do you need to release to be able to do so?

It’s such a paradox, but our life will have purpose and joy when we die daily.


A Crown or a Cancer, Part 2

In today’s new episode on the podcast, I’m sharing how we can be an adornment to our husband’s life. Being an adornment is more than something pretty to look at. A wife who adorns her husband’s life has great input and value. Listen and see if you’re adding these simple characteristics to your marriage.  These little things done on a daily basis can make such a huge difference!

Here’s a snippet of a story about a woman in the public arena who was irresistible to the men she served, but it wasn’t because of her looks…

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You Can Count On Him, So You Can Count On Her!

I’m so thankful for a God who is faithful! He is faithful to His promises! He is faithful to His Word! He is faithful in His love and forgiveness. What would all His attributes mean to us if He was not faithful to them? He is completely trustworthy every day and every minute of the day.

A recent beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness!

Today’s podcast episode is the last in the series of godly character traits. We’ll dive in a little deeper on the episode to learn how we can also be faithful and four specific areas of our lives that require this important attribute.

You can listen to the whole episode here. Here’s a snippet of the podcast…

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