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The Cat that Occupied My Heart

The fur ball above came into our family after the loss of another beloved cat, Oreo. How I loved Oreo! She was one of those “easy going” cats. She loved big. She was sweetly dispositioned. She never ruined furniture or ate our Thanksgiving turkey. The only thing she did to bring alarm was to leave her hunting prizes on our doorstep, and on one occasion, she brought it inside! After her death, I was not ready to try to find a replacement. I knew that was impossible. Then one day…

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Easter Saturday & Sunday Celebrations Podcast

Easter is the most important holiday of our year as believers, so it deserves our greatest celebration! On today’s podcast, I’m sharing how our family made the most of the whole weekend. It included Good Friday celebrations (the previous podcast) as well as fun and meaningful times on Saturday and Sunday. There were some pretty funny times as we lived out these traditions, but it became such special memories to our family. As you listen, I pray it will inspire you with creative ideas you can implement into your family celebrations!

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Omelet Bar Fellowship

Years ago I remember hearing Ina Garten say, “Having an omelet party is a bad idea. By the time the last person’s omelet is made, everyone else is done eating!” When our small group decided to have omelets for a fellowship time, and I knew there would be close to a dozen people at our house, I knew I had to come up with a better plan than standing at the stove making omelets and missing all the guests that had gathered.

The solution was really easy! I filled the egg mixture into muffin tins, then everyone chose two of the muffin cups as “theirs.” They filled a small bowl with the ingredients

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Easter Traditions for Your Family – Podcast

Happy Spring! With the coming of spring also comes my favorite holiday – Easter! With it only being a few weeks away. now is a good time to start planning some fun and meaningful traditions to do with your family. On today’s podcast I’m sharing some simple suggestions to stir your creativity. When Easter arrives you will have had some fun family times together while teaching and emphasizing the message of the cross and the empty tomb to your children. Listen and be inspired about what you can do!

Go here for the recipe for this yummy cake, perfect for Easter!
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Cooking takes preparation!  Some meals require more than others, and some days require more meals than others!  Without preparation I would be sunk.  The stove would be cold and stomachs empty!

Because I’ve been out of town this week, there was no cooking in my kitchen Saturday or Sunday.  However, I thought I’d share with you one thought that fed my  heart that goes along the idea of preparation…

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