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My Simple Christmas…and An Invitation

This week I posted my weekly podcast regarding having a Simple Christmas. Here’s a 25 second snippet of the episode…

Do you ever wonder if the counsel given is followed by the one who gave it? I assure you that it is just as hard for me to do the right thing as it is the next person, and many times I fail. But I’m grateful that the Lord brought these truths to my heart to refresh me and encourage me. Here’s how it happened and what I did…

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A Simple Christmas

We’re on the brink of December and the Christmas season! That can evoke excitement and also exhaustion!! Today’s podcast will give six suggestions that will enable you to have a SIMPLE Christmas. Listen and be refreshed this holiday season!

You can listen to the podcast, A Simple Christmas here.

There are lots of links in the episode notes for simplifying, baking, gifts from the kitchen and Bible reading plans. I hope you’ll check it out!

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Virtual Adoption Shower

Family – what a special gift! No matter if the household is birthed, blended or adopted, it is always a story written by God, the Creator of the family.

 Yet setteth he the poor on high from affliction, and maketh him families like a flock. Psalm 107:41

I’m excited to tell you about a family who IS adopting! Many of you who follow my blog also follow my daughter, Whitney’s blog, Come Home for Comfort. She and her husband, Paul are getting ready to adopt a family. It’s been an incredible story to watch the Lord write! If you’re not aware, or haven’t seen the updates, you can go here to view Whitney’s Adoption page and read why they’re adopting and how it’s progressing. (Get a tissue ready!)

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Hurried and Scurried

This time of year gets many folks knotted up like pretzels on s food truck. We feel pressured and overwhelmed as our calendar and to do lists full up.

We may ask, “What does God want me to do with our busy schedule? Does He care?” Today’s podcast will give you help with how to navigate those crazy, busy days in a way that will calm your heart and honor God.

You can listen to the podcast here.