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February Fun!

For a the shortest month of the year, February was certainly full AND fun! I thought I’d share the highlights with you today as we wrap up this last full week.

Paint – We had all of the downstairs of our house painted (except my husband’s office). After 9 1/2 years of living here, it really needed to be freshened up! I chose to cover the original khaki color with WHITE! It’s called, Blue Kiss. It has slight cast of blue in the white, rather than gray, brown or yellow. I love it! It really brightens the rooms up. I chose a semi-gloss and love how it reflects the light. I know it’s going to be easier to clean as well.

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The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge:
but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.
Proverbs 15:14

What parent is there that would want their child to remain an infant all their life? As cute as our babies are, we rejoice at each step of growth as they mature. In the same way, as we continue on this journey of walking with the Lord, we have must first have a relationship with God by receiving Christ as our personal Savior. After that, the natural outflow from our spiritual life should be growth.

We all experience dry spells, but for the most part, we should be making progress spiritually. It is aided by purposeful focus. We will purposefully seek knowledge if it is our desire to grow in the Lord more each day.

In order to go beyond just floating along in our Christian life, we need to dig deeper. The means that one woman, Elizabeth George used was:

  1. She never bought a skirt or pair of pants without pockets in it. At the beginning of the week she would write a new memory verse on a 3×5 card and would take it out all day long and read it and work on hiding that verse in her heart. What verse are you currently working on memorizing?
  2. She had “Five Fat Files.” She purchased five file folders in order to tuck away information on Biblical subject matters. She was to pick five areas in which she wanted to grow in expertise so that she was filling herself up with knowledge in these areas.

    In order for us to follow this advice we need to ask ourselves (and pray about) what we’d like to be known for. Do you want to be known as a woman of prayer? Mentoring? Soul winning? After you’ve chosen your five Biblical topics, seek knowledge in these areas. You’ll then know what subjects to be studying. We can’t read everything, but when we have chosen five areas, we have a better idea of what kind of books we should be looking for. We’ll know which workshops to attend when we go to a ladies’ retreat. We’ll clip articles from magazines on those subjects, or print off information we read on the Internet. We can talk with people who are excelling in those areas and ask them questions.

It really helps to funnel our attention to a much smaller focus, and then to seek knowledge especially in those five areas. How will this aid your spiritual growth? You’ll be anxious to get out of bed in the morning to jump up and get in God’s Word to learn more what He says about those five subjects.

Along with filling your five fat files, Elizabeth encourages us to code our Bibles. If you’re seeking knowledge about prayer, mark a P next to each verse you read about praying, a person who prayed, how to pray, Jesus’ prayers, etc. If you make a study of the Women of the Bible, role of women, older women, place a W beside each passage you find about them. Each day as you read your Bible, read it with a pen in hand; that is an act of faith, revealing that you’re certain the Lord is going to show you a nugget that you need to mark.

This kind of study is the main stream to ministry. As you fill yourself up in these five areas, you’ll be like a teapot jumping on the stove. You’ll be so filled with knowledge from God’s Word that you’ll be pouring out on other people. Like the woman that Elizabeth learned from, women will seek you out to get wisdom from the areas in which you have grown.

So, what kind of ministry will you have from the outflow of your spiritual growth? By His grace, let’s each choose those five areas and start growing!

Because of His grace,

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People Are More Important

After a two-day trip away, my husband returned home.  It was a snowy, wet night, and because the garage was full with two cars inside –  mine and our daughter’s, he parked in the slushy driveway and stepped inside.  His shoes dripped with the remains of the winter weather, so he stepped across the hardwood floor onto the dining room rug…the “pretty” rug meant for covering the floor, but not necessarily for wiping wet feet.  I inwardly cringed, then asked,

“Could you not step on the dining room rug, but please leave your shoes on the mat by the door?  I can throw the mat in the washer, but not the dining room rug.”

Immediately I knew I had said the wrong thing.  He did as I’d asked, but the air was tense.

I thought through my words and realized I’d only said a brief welcoming statement and given a kiss before I’d made my housekeeping request.  My timing wasn’t good.  I asked him how I could’ve handled it differently, but the real truth came when I asked the Lord the same question in my quiet time the next morning. The Holy Spirit spoke this truth in my heart…

People are more important than things.

Okay, the rug got soiled; it’s a thing.  It can be scrubbed or replaced.  People cannot be replaced.  What if my husband hadn’t made it back home?  What if he had been one of the casualties of the winter weather?  Would I care about the rug then?  No.  A herd of elephants could trample over it, and my aching heart wouldn’t have even noticed.

Getting up from my Quiet Place, I found my husband and told him I was wrong and asked him to forgive me.  He did, of course and the issue was ended.  But the lesson on my part was a worthy one.  All people are more important than any thing.

Your children are more important than your good china, your unmarked walls or your straightened up living room.

Your neighbors are more important than your beautiful yard, your privacy or your down-time.

Your family is more important than your job, position or salary.

And yes, your husband is more important than your clean rug.  It’s good for each of us to take a reality check and make sure our priorities are where they need to be.

Why?  Because Jesus died for people – not things.

Do you find yourself making things more important than the people in your life?  Ask the Lord to give you a right perspective and He will!

With love,