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February Fun!

For a the shortest month of the year, February was certainly full AND fun! I thought I’d share the highlights with you today as we wrap up this last full week.

Paint – We had all of the downstairs of our house painted (except my husband’s office). After 9 1/2 years of living here, it really needed to be freshened up! I chose to cover the original khaki color with WHITE! It’s called, Blue Kiss. It has slight cast of blue in the white, rather than gray, brown or yellow. I love it! It really brightens the rooms up. I chose a semi-gloss and love how it reflects the light. I know it’s going to be easier to clean as well.

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How To Host A Virtual Shower (Plus Party Foods)

When our daughter Whitney and her husband, Paul knew the Lord was leading them to adopt, I wondered about how myself and others could help provide for their needs. We all know what happens at a birth – a shower is given where the parents are, well, showered with all the necessities.

But what about a couple who’s been married 12 years and are adopting older children? I went searching the Internet looking for ideas, and came up with little help.

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My Simple Christmas…and An Invitation

This week I posted my weekly podcast regarding having a Simple Christmas. Here’s a 25 second snippet of the episode…

Do you ever wonder if the counsel given is followed by the one who gave it? I assure you that it is just as hard for me to do the right thing as it is the next person, and many times I fail. But I’m grateful that the Lord brought these truths to my heart to refresh me and encourage me. Here’s how it happened and what I did…

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Virtual Adoption Shower

Family – what a special gift! No matter if the household is birthed, blended or adopted, it is always a story written by God, the Creator of the family.

 Yet setteth he the poor on high from affliction, and maketh him families like a flock. Psalm 107:41

I’m excited to tell you about a family who IS adopting! Many of you who follow my blog also follow my daughter, Whitney’s blog, Come Home for Comfort. She and her husband, Paul are getting ready to adopt a family. It’s been an incredible story to watch the Lord write! If you’re not aware, or haven’t seen the updates, you can go here to view Whitney’s Adoption page and read why they’re adopting and how it’s progressing. (Get a tissue ready!)

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