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February Fun!

For a the shortest month of the year, February was certainly full AND fun! I thought I’d share the highlights with you today as we wrap up this last full week.

Paint – We had all of the downstairs of our house painted (except my husband’s office). After 9 1/2 years of living here, it really needed to be freshened up! I chose to cover the original khaki color with WHITE! It’s called, Blue Kiss. It has slight cast of blue in the white, rather than gray, brown or yellow. I love it! It really brightens the rooms up. I chose a semi-gloss and love how it reflects the light. I know it’s going to be easier to clean as well.

Parents – We made a trip north and were able to stop and visit with my parents. My dad was having a good day, and it was such a boost to my heart! My mom looks terrific and is testimony of the grace of God as she goes to visit my dad every single day!

Revival! On our way north, we stopped at Asbury where we were able to witness about an hour and a half of the spirit of revival that’s going on there. The day we visited was the Saturday after it all started. It was a true blessing to our hearts. We missed out on the preaching time, but we participated with them in worship and prayer. Is this not what our hearts are crying out to the Lord for? Let’s pray it continues and spreads throughout our country!

Preparedness – We went to Faith Biblical Counseling Conference in Lafayette, IN where we received about 30 hours of counseling training. Our brains were maxed out as we sat and absorbed all the material, but it was such a blessing. We made so many applications to our own lives, and it was truly a time of spiritual revival in our hearts!

Fellowship – Also attending the conference were dear friends of ours. We had the blessing of sharing an Airbnb with them. What’s better than nearly a whole week with great friends to serve with, learn with, pray with and enjoy a good meal together? It was a blessing!

Gotcha Day! Our sweet little grandsons have been adopted for four years now! We love getting to celebrate the day they were brought into their forever family! We had dinner and dessert together and then watched them play laser tag – (the fun gift their parents got them for the occasion)! They are growing up so fast. What a joy it is to see their spiritual hearts growing. They both trusted Christ as their Savior last year (their “second adoption” that we prayed for since we met them!). To hear them pray, sing and speak truth about God is an amazing blessing!

This week is also full of some fun things! My husband is speaking at the men’s conference at The Wilds. Nearly twenty men from our church are attending. I’m praying that the Lord will do a powerful work in their hearts all weekend! While they’re away, I’m hosting the second gathering of what I’m calling “Recap Refresh.” It’s for all the ladies of my church who are dong the Bible Recap reading plan. We get together here at my house at the end of the month and share what we learned about our God. Last month was such a blessing! I’m excited to hear what they’ve learned this month as they’ve dug into the Scriptures.

What has been the highlight of your February? Are you reading through the Bible this year? How’s it going?

4 thoughts on “February Fun!

  1. The look of love between your dad and mom is precious. What a blessing to see that demonstrated even in the difficult times of life. Thank you for your encouraging posts!


    1. It is the 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love from the Lord that has kept them together all these years. It is sweet to witness and has brought me to tears many times while he’s been in the nursing home.


  2. Such a fun month! Quite a few of the men from my church attended The Wilds conference this past weekend and were saying what a blessing your husband was to them through the messages. Praying March is filled with God’s sweet blessings 💜


    1. Thanks for sharing that about the men from your church! My husband was blessed beyond measure be able to serve there this weekend. He sure came home with a burden for those men.
      I pray your March is also full of sweet blessings from the Lord!


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