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Seven Ways To Encourage Your Pastor’s Wife


This post isn’t about me. I simply have such a burden for pastor’s wives because I obviously know the load they carry.  I hope this will be read with the heart in which it is written – to encourage you about how you might encourage your sister in Christ.

Are you aware that most pastors and their wives experience loneliness, isolation and discouragement during their ministry lives? The role that members play can be a huge encouragement.

I shared with you on Wednesday that a dear friend and sister in Christ, Hope Carter, passed away this week.  I’ve had many people who have encouraged me over the years, and Hope would definitely be one of them!  If she could speak, she could give some great lessons on how to encourage your pastor’s wife, but since she’s gone to heaven, let me share what she did for me that meant so much and impacted my life and ministry.

  1. Care – While we came nearly twenty years ago to our church to shepherd her, she cared for me when I was hurting,

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Refreshed at a Retreat

Oh friends, every time I get the blessing of sharing God’s Word with a group of women, I am in awe that my great God that would use a small, insignificant person like me!  Going to speak to women is ALWAYS more about what God has taught me as I’ve prepared than it is them hearing from me.  I am nothing, but God’s Word is EVERYTHING and I love being His messenger!

Last weekend I got to travel to Grass Valley, CA to speak at Wolf Mt. Camp.  There were around 65 women who filled the camp and came to fellowship, rest, have fun and get refreshed in their spiritual lives.  I loved every minute of being there and thought I would “take you along” via my pictures today.

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How To Respond To Your Enemies


Lake2 (1).jpg

Do you have an enemy?  Oh, they might not call themselves that, but it’s some who

  • Is happy to see you hurting.
  • Desires to help you go under.
  • Rejoices to see that you’re suffering in some way.

Ugly words, threatenings, gossip to others, mocking, cynicism, pride – these are all responses of an enemy.

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Me, On the Radio?!


As I have gotten older and have realized the swiftness of my life, I desire not to live nearly so much for this world, but for the next.  By that I’m referring to passing from here to heaven. That doesn’t mean I dwell on dying – it’s quite the opposite!! I dwell on living…living out a life of gratitude to God for saving me!!

Because I’m thankful for what God has done in saving my soul, I want to live for Him and I’ve begged Him to allow my life to count for Christ!  You know what? When you tell God Continue reading “Me, On the Radio?!”

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Blessings Of A Parson’s Wife

appreciation basket

Being a parson’s (pastor’s) wife is a blessing.  My joy comes from being able to stand alongside a man who:

  • Loves God and has given his life to teach and preach God’s Word.
  • Shares Truth to bring change to troubled hearts.
  • Sacrifices his time gladly to run to help those in need.
  • Obeys God’s principles in his private world, just as in the platform God has given him.
  • Sees his ministry as 24/7
  • Makes his wife his first ministry.

Then there are blessings of the ministry itself – 

  • Seeing a lost person come to Christ!
  • Seeing hard hearts softened by the Word of God.
  • Watching the Church come together for the cause of Christ.
  • Laboring with the saints.
  • Watching God answer prayers that we have prayed corporately.
  • Seeing the church grow and flourish.
  • Worshiping and praising God together.
  • Fellowshiping with the church.
  • Close relationships built because of our bond in Christ.

I could literally write on and on, but I want to hit on one other area of blessings – it’s the Grace blessings that we get to clip so very often.  It’s those blessings that we feel undeserving of, and certainly aren’t looking for.

One of them happened this past Sunday.  Our church celebrated its 61st anniversary, and during the dinner that followed (another blessing of the church!), my husband and I were honored, as were our daughter and son-in-law (our youth pastor).  It was just because of their appreciation for our service at Boones Creek.  The church wheeled in a huge basket for each family that was wrapped almost too beautifully to rip apart!

However, we loaded it into our car, took it out to our back porch and spent the next hour opening cellophane bags containing cards, gift cards and precious gifts.  These were not collective from the whole church, but from individuals.  How each addition to that basket touched our hearts!  Hand written notes of appreciation and thanks, home-baked bread,  jam, maple syrup, treats of all sorts, gift cards to favorite restaurants, stores, and coffee shops…all things our church family knew we would love.  We literally wept with gratitude for their kindness.

The fact that everyone added their contribution made it so special to us.  It was like a personal visit with each one, and our hearts were humbled to be thought of so lovingly and generously.

Being in the ministry also brings many heartaches, and I would be remiss to pretend that every day is full of blessings, but I am also so thankful for God’s timing.  When our hearts could be overcome with the burdens and cares of the sheep under the parson’s care, Our Shepherd steps in and shepherds us.  He reminds us that we are not alone, and that we will One day stand before Him to receive the full reward of our work and labor for Him here.  Oh, it will truly be “worth it all!” Without the hardships, the blessings would not be nearly as precious.  So, I’m thankful for the hard times, and I will choose to learn from them, but not focus on them.  I will look into the precious face of Christ and thank Him for putting it into the hearts of our church to be a blessing at the perfect time to this parson and his wife!

Let me end with two notes:

  1. I want to say thank you to my dear church family for your love and encouragement to us this past weekend.  God used you to spur us on, and to remind us of the family that we are when we are unified around the Person of Christ!  Thank you from the bottom of our overflowing hearts.
  2. If you are a parson’s wife, put your eyes onto the blessings of ministry and off of the troubles.  When we focus on the hardships, the difficult days and people, we will want to quit.  Look to Christ and remember the last time He shepherded you, just like your parson is caring for your flock.  Christ is there.  He hasn’t forgotten you.  Look at the Letter He left to tell you so.  Jeremiah 31:3 Hebrews 6:10

So very blessed,

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