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Craft Room/Guest Room Makeover

I have a room that is a mixture of office, craft space and guest room. It’s been hard to organize it and also make it look pretty, but it’s been a work in progress. I recently added the final touch to the room that makes me just smile when I enter or even walk by. I’m excited to show you the before and after!

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Spring Home Touches

I have a favorite You Tube channel that I love to watch. White Cottage Company always leaves me encouraged and inspired! Mary has such great ideas for decorating her home. Recently she showed how she took Dollar Tree fencing and made it look like wrought iron! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had been looking at Hobby Lobby for a piece like this and it was very expensive! After watching Mary, I wondered if I could replicate what she did. I knew I had to give it a try!

First I purchased four pieces of fencing from Dollar Tree. I clipped off the side pieces where it would attach together. Then I used a white trim paint to paint the front of the fencing. It took me ten minutes per section.

After it dried, I used a piece of sandpaper and roughed up the edges so it would look like the iron was a little worn.

I was gluing three pieces of fencing together, so I used clippers and removed the stakes that would be on the bottom row, but I left the other two with those long stakes. They are what I used to glue the pieces together. If you look carefully at my close up, you can see those long stakes. I used a hot glue gun to glue the rows together and clamped them while they dried. ** NOTE: I think I’ll purchase E6000 glue and reinforce it to make sure it’s sturdy.

The other touch I added in my living room was this framed wreath. I had a picture there that I knew was too small, but couldn’t find something I loved to put in its place. On the day when I was wanting to add the wrought iron fending and also “fix” this wall, I simply prayed, “Lord, would you help me to do this quickly and use things I already have?” I love seeing how God answers those little needs that matter to me. He helped me to know exactly where the fencing would look best, and then brought to my mind this wreath and also the frame – both things I had on hand!

Another project I’m working on is getting longer drapes so I can move my rods up higher! All in God’s time!

My addition of spring touches cost me only $4.75 and a little bit of time! I hope this will inspire you to

  1. Craft something for your home.
  2. Pray about how/what to add.
  3. Use what you already have on hand!

What will you add to your home to freshen it for spring?

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Simple and Easy Spring Wreath

With spring around the corner, I decided to make a new wreath last week. If you’ve shopped for wreaths, you know that they are not cheap. However, this took me about half an hour and only $3.75 in materials! I was so pleased with the outcome of my project. Here’s how to make the wreath:

You will need ~

  • One 10″ wreath form
  • Two bags of Reindeer Moss
  • Hot glue gun and about six hot glue sticks
  • A little patience

It’s really wise to spread out newspaper to cover the area where you’re going to work. This moss is really messy and the newspaper will make your clean up a cinch!

In small increments, add glue to your wreath form and place the reindeer moss on the glue. I went all the way around and then also added some to the back so it would be presentable on my glass front door, should I decide to use it there. I used both bags of moss so it would be nice and full. Layer over the first layer until everything is covered and the wreath looks nice and fluffy.

I added a burlap ribbon I had on hand for hanging. You could use whatever color works for your decor. It makes it easy to display and it’s less likely to shed its moss this way.

Are you itching to refresh your home with spring touches as I am? I hope you’ll try this simple wreath!

Refresh you heart in a Bible preaching church this week. You need them and they need you!

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My Christmas Touches and Glitches

Welcome to my home! Come inside to take a peek at some glimpses of my Christmas decor.

I added some little stacks of ribbons to embellish our stockings.

Fresh cut greens from my yard mixed in with artificial greens cover the mantle. For some twinkle, I added a simple strand of white lights.

On my kitchen island I have a collection of salt and pepper shakers my husband has given me over the years. Putting them all together in one place makes a greater impact than scattering them all over the kitchen. They just make me smile! Do you see Santa’s boots sticking up on the back side?

A tiny tree accented with blues stands on my desk in the craft/guest room.

My bedroom mantle has all fresh greens from my yard and a pom-pom garland found at Hobby Lobby this year.

There are other touches in the house, like my big Christmas tree in the family room. Most of the lights are still lit, but a couple weeks after we put it up, about 1/3 of the strands decided to go out! Sadly, we’ve been dealing with illness at our house, so replacing the lights was NOT a priority! Sickness also kept us from our scheduled vacation. We have been home where my husband has dealt with Covid for nearly two weeks. We thank the Lord that he is doing better each day!

I’m sharing this to remind each of us that we have to remember when we’re perusing the Internet that those that post pictures choose to highlight the best parts. No one’s life is always steaming cups of hot chocolate and snow flakes gently falling outside their windows. Life is hard for everyone at different times. That’s why we needed the Christ child born in the manger! He came to rescue us from our sin. He came so that we would have a way to the Father. He came to give us life – real life, eternal life with Him forever.

So if your lights burn out, your plans get changed or other hardships come during Christmas, keep in mind, that we live in a broken, fallen world and rejoice that we have something so much better than all of that – we have Jesus.

Merry Christmas! Let’s enjoy this special season, no matter what disappointments come. Christ will never disappoint.

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Functional Beauty

There is one design statement that has helped me eliminate extra clutter in my home. I’m sharing it with you today in hopes that it will also inspire you! Ready? Here it is…

When the tools and utensils you use on a daily basis are beautiful, you need less stuff in your home to make it lovely. Those tools will do the work for you.

I have tried to keep this thought in my mind as I seek to add decor to my home. The plus side of using lovely things is that it makes the work more enjoyable!

Let me show a few simple examples…

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