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Three Beauty Products I love – $3 or Under!

With prices on the rise, it’s pretty great to find beauty products that are both effective in use AND in price!

One product I’ve been using for a couple of years that I love is the Elf Eyebrow Pencil. I have purchased it most times at Target where it sells for $3. However, I looked on Amazon this week and found it for $2!! I like it better than many others that i tried that were more expensive. It is creamy, but stays in place. The pencil swivels up, so there’s no sharpening needed. The other end has a brow brush. It comes in a variety of shades. My choice is Blonde. This is just a great brown pencil!

The next two items are new hair products I recently picked up after Whitney told me about them. It’s great when you daughters give good suggestions, isn’t it?! I have thick hair that can lay flat without some kind of volumizing help! Herbal Essence has two products – a mousse and a hairspray that give volume.

Herbal Essence Mousse is nice and foamy – a promise of good things to come. It didn’t make my hair sticky, just more full.

The hair spray isn’t sticky, but holds things in place after I style it.

Each of these products were $2.99 at Target. WARNING – it seems, like lots of good things these days, it can be hard to find, and in some cases its price is upwards to $10! I was blessed to find several cans at my local Target store.

Don’t be fooled – good things don’t always have to cost a fortune!

What products do you love that are cost effective? I’d love to hear!

Refresh your look with these $3 products!

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Three Favorite Products

I love to hear about products that other people find helpful, so I’m going to pass along a couple of my favorites in hopes that you do, too!

I have a cat, who like most cats, can occasionally get sick from fur balls. (Sorry for the TMI!) The carpet pays a toll when that happens, but thank goodness there are products that help! I was using a cleaner specifically for these kinds of messes and it was quite expensive. Then I tried this cleaner from the Dollar Tree! Guess What? It works fantastic!!!

It truly lives up to its name and is indeed awesome! You don’t have to own a pet to appreciate this cleaner. It will help obviously help on other stains as well!

I love fresh laundry and I especially love it when it smells like fresh laundry!!! This Snuggle dryer sheet makes the laundry smell amazing! I buy it at Kroger and can usually get a great deal on it. No matter, it’s worth the price because of its effectiveness!

We love our sweet tea in the south, and several years ago I found the Lipton Southern Sweet Tea bags that has the artificial sweetener in the bag. It makes the best tea and you don’t have to add the sugar! I like to use three of the Lipton bags and three Twining fruit tea bags to make a half gallon of tea so easily!

Berry Fusion™

Those are random suggestions, aren’t they?! But they are items I use all the time and I thought you’d like to know!! What random suggestion do you have for me?

We get to meet at church this Sunday and I’m so excited!!! Are you able to attend church where you are?

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Favorite Products Too Good Not To Share!

I love it when someone finds a good product and shares it with me! That’s what I’m going to do here today because I’m thinking that if I’m enjoying these things, someone else might, too! I get no kick-back from this…I just think you need to know about these great items!

  1. A tub and shower “wand” This is actually called the Clorox Extendable Pole Tub and Tile Cleaner. I love a clean shower and tub, but honestly, I dislike stooping over a warm shower filled with soap and scum and scrubbing it clean, though that’s what I’ve done daily. Then I was browsing through the cleaning section at Target recently and found this handy tool that I’m calling my Shower wand.

The cleaning pad swivels so it gets well into the sides of the tub and shower. The pad can also be replaced for under $5. The wand costs about $11 and is well worth it! This has kept me from dreading this daily chore!

The pad has nice bristles that scrub the tub.

If you like a clean shower but hate bending over it to scrub it out, I”m sure you’ll love this wand at such a great price!

2. Lipstick that stays on! I’ve had lots of lipsticks that say they stay on, only to find it on the cloth napkin or nowadays on my mask. Tarte sells non-transferable lipstick, it’s called Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint.

I’m a lipstick girl! My lips are so pale that I look like I’m sick or DEAD without it! So to find a lip color that REALLY stays on was a true win! It does come at a bit of a price – it’s $20, but it’s worth it to me. I put this color on and it stayed on my lips and not my mask, and it also stayed on through supper!! It is a bit dry, but that is probably also why it stays on so well.

If you’re tired of your lipstick fading or transferring, I highly recommend this product. I found mine at Ulta, but you can go to the Tarte web site where I hear they often offer great deals!

My shade of choice is called Bling and the box shows a bright pink, but it’s a very neutral shade.

3. Favorite Dollar Tree Purchases – I could be like Whitney and show you my great Dollar Tree hauls, but for the sake of time, I’ll just tell you a few of the items I love to buy there.! You should seriously check out Whitney’s video here. She finds the best stuff! I always want to jump in my car and run to my DT to see if I can find what she purchased! Here are things I pick up regularly…

  • Puffs Tissues – I’m very particular about tissues – it has to be Puffs! I was so happy to find them at Dollar Tree! I buy both the full-size boxes as well as the travel packs that come with two in a pack. These little packages are perfect for your purse or backpack!
  • Planner stickers – These can be super expensive even at Hobby Lobby, but are adorable and affordable here!
View Jot Journals with DIY Stickers,
  • Greeting cards – They sell Hallmark cards that are beautiful and don’t look at all like you spent .50 or a dollar on them!
  • Parchment paper – This can be so expensive in a grocery store and it’s just as good as any other brand!
  • Brillo Pads – I always keep these on hand for pans (especially the bottom of the pan! and also for cleaning the inside of my oven. This simple tool is how I keep my oven from getting nasty! A simple scrub after a spill or splatter and the mess is gone! Here’s a post about how I do that.

There are many name brand products at Dollar Tree! I love to just stroll the aisles and keep my eye open for the brands that would be much higher in a another store!

Which of the products I’ve shared in this post makes you want to check them out?

Refresh your routines with a new product!