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Friday’s Five Favorites

This has been a great week and it shows up well in my phone’s pictures.

Last week I had the blessing of having a special friend visit for a few days. We got to enjoy time on the back patio and also enjoy Jonesborough, Tennessee. We shopped in this lovely store, Noelle. Home goods, soup and bread mixes, chalk paint, and sundry other fun finds can be purchased from their shelves. We had so much fun browsing!

Liza loves being outside when it’s warm. She found a shady spot and stayed there for a long time. I can’t say i blame her. I spend as much time out there as I can, too! My roses have been so beautiful this spring!

How do you improve on Chick-Fil-A? Take two adorable grandsons with you! We got to have a fun afternoon together, first at lunch, then on a trip to Home Depot where they loved riding in the “truck” cart.

I got to spend the better part of the week in Kentucky helping my parents. My dad and I put out perennials in their herb garden. What a blessing to have a father who is 89 and still able to do projects and participate in my life! It is such a gift from God‘s gracious hands!

We went to lunch at a lovely place in the city where they live. To see the affection between them is a blessing to my heart.

This week I read this verse…“How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!”
Psalm‬ ‭139:17‬ ‭He thought of my greatest need to have my sins forgiven, and He gave me Jesus. He gave me friends and family and so many blessings, all of His grace.

He’s thinking about you! He loves you, even when life isn’t overflowing with blessings, He is still thinking on you because you think about those whom you love, and God loves you! Be on the lookout for His demonstration of that this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Five Favorites

  1. I love when you show your parents. Like you said, you can see the affection between them and it’s so inspiring. I’d love to hear their life story and godly wisdom for living and marriage. Glad you had a good week!


  2. This was a wonderful post. You know I always like to see pictures of your beautiful mom and handsome dad. (Liz is beautiful too.)


  3. Thanks for showing our picture. We had such a good time all3 days. We had rain, sunshine , wind and Thunder and lightening, but that didn’t stop us. It did move us from the Son Room to inside and closed the door, went into the Library and had a gab fest recalling days gone bye. Come again


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