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3-Ingredient Strawberry Preserves

Last week while I was visiting my parents, my mom mentioned that she wanted to make up a recipe she’d found for Strawberry Preserves that uses no pectin. It’s a cooked jam and then it’s sealed with wax for preservation. She had saved the Oui Yogurt jars that are the perfect size for jams. She had a good plan and was excited about executing it! My sister sent her some lovely berries that were so flavorful and fresh.

To preserve the jam, melt 2 bars of Gulf Wax. Pour 1/8″ over jam and let set up. Then add another 1/8″ on top. Store at room temperature.

The process was very simple. Cut up the berries, add sugar, a tablespoon of vinegar and boil. That’s it! The jam was a little soft set the next day, but by the second day it had thickened up even more. It was perfect on toast!

Strawberry Preserves

Place in large saucepan with a tight-fitting cover:
4 heaping cups strawberries, washed and capped
ADD 1 Tbl. vinegar (I used Balsamic)
Cover. Boil 1 minute by the clock, counting time when boil begins. Keep hand on handle or listen carefully for beginning of boiling time.
At the end of a minute, ADD: 4 cups sugar
Stir gently to blend sugar and berries.
Cook 20 minutes at boiling point. Pour into a bowl or shallow enameled pan. Let stand overnight or until cool. Pack into clean and sterilized jars, leaving 1/2″ at top of jar.. Cover with melted paraffin and seal.
Do not double this recipe. We got eight jars that are about 4 ounces from this recipe.

I love this recipe because if you don’t have Sure Jell on hand you can still make preserves. Sometimes you can’t find it, and sometimes you don’t want to go out and have to buy it.

If you have fresh berries, here’s a great way to use them so you can enjoy them for a good long while..well good luck with keeping your family out of it! It’s yummy!! I find it so gratifying to make preserves or jelly or jam or can anything fresh! I hope you’ll give this recipe a try!

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