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Roasted Shrimp with Orzo

I’m so happy to share another Ina Garten recipe with you. We’ve had more hot days, so I searched for more shrimp recipes! Even if it’s not a summer day, this recipe is a perfect quick meal that can even be made ahead of time. It’s one of those dishes that is so savory it tastes like it came from a fancy restaurant

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Cool Supper On a Hot Day

I love shrimp any way it comes. Not only is it delicious, it’s so fast to cook! On a hot summer day, shrimp is a great option for supper because the oven will only need to be on a short amount of time!

I recently posted about making Honey-Drizzled Shrimp Tacos for our supper. I was attempting to replicate a recipe we’d enjoyed while on our recent vacation. My version was a little lighter, since I roasted the shrimp instead of frying it. I also skipped the extra aoli sauce. The results were still delicious! Here’s how I made our tacos:

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Summer Brings Freshness!

I love Summer for so many reasons, but as you will see in my post today, I love the freshness that it brings in so many ways!

Fresh peaches!! Oh, how i love them! I was able to can 12 jars to enjoy during the winter months. You can find the method I use for canning in this post. You can make an incredible Peach Dump Cake with canned peaches (fresh or store bought)! Find the recipe here.

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Cool Summer Treat

It’s going to be in the 90’s here all week! Ice cream would be a good option every day, but in the desire to keep it healthier, I made some Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Popsicles. They are cold, fruity and just sweet enough for a hot summer day!

Blending everything in the food processor made them smooth snd creamy with a little texture due to the sweet coconut addition. .

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3-Ingredient Strawberry Preserves

Last week while I was visiting my parents, my mom mentioned that she wanted to make up a recipe she’d found for Strawberry Preserves that uses no pectin. It’s a cooked jam and then it’s sealed with wax for preservation. She had saved the Oui Yogurt jars that are the perfect size for jams. She had a good plan and was excited about executing it! My sister sent her some lovely berries that were so flavorful and fresh.

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