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Friday Favorites

I love looking back over my photos on my phone at the end of the week and counting up all my blessings from the Lord. Here are five precious ones from this past week.

Sleepover at Pappa and Gigi’s house!
Day off at Dollywood with the family! Look at this foam!!
Honey-Drizzled Shrimp Tacos…Yummy!!
Cool spot for Liza under the Rosemary plant!
Hydrangeas everywhere in the house!

Not every day is filled with fun and highlights, of course. Those days keep all of us humble and dependent on our God. That very truth should make us even more thankful for the “favorites” that are tucked away in our hearts. They are the gentle nudges and reminders of a loving, kind and merciful God who gives us richly all things to enjoy. I Timothy 6:17

What have been the favorite moments from your week?

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