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My Favorite Beauty Products


Age.  It shows probably first in skin, and this girl was one who spent too much time in the sun when I was young, so I feel like my skin isn’t the freshest or best face on the 50’s block.  However, I’ve had some readers ask what I use for make-up and skin care, so I thought since I was doing a week of favorites (have you noticed the theme?) this would be a good time to show you what I use.

When I see what many other women use and do to their skin and also the propducts they use for make-up, I realize that my routine is very minismal.  I haven’t used a facial mask since before my skin had wrinkles – yeah, a longt time ago!  I’m sure that would feel great, but I have just never gotten into much more than washing my face with a good cleanser, using a good moisturizer and then applying either a fouondation for day or a Night-Time skin care before bedtime.

This isn’t everything I use each day, but these are some of my favorite products in no particular order:


  • Mary Kay Eye Make-up Remover – This isn’t greasy!  I love that!
  • Mary Kay Time-Wise Night Solutions – I put this on a clean face before I go to bed.  I really feel like this does wonders for my skin.  It only takes a dab.
  • Neutrogena oil-free moisture – I use this under my make-up and love the way it makes my face feel.
  • Spa Pharma Dead Sea Minerals Facial Spa Facial Wash – I recently found this at TJ Maxx and love it.  It only takes a little to really foam up and give my face a deep cleaning!
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser – This is a new product I found this year and relaly love for under the eyes. It perks up my face, lifting most of the dark circles.  The price for this product is unbelievably low!

So as you can see, I don’t stick to all Mary Kay or all another brand.  I use what works and what I love!

Do you have a favorite skin care product to share?

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Friday/Summer Favorites

Hello, September!  You kind of snuck up  on me!

Were you prepared to wake up and find that today is September 1st?  I have to admit that I’m sad to see summer go – I always am.  I will enjoy fall, but oh, those long, sunny days, beach walks, late sunsets, and Dollywood days are hard to say Goodbye to!

With the coming of September also comes an end to my blog vacation on Tuesday – Thursday.  I’ll be back each day with a fresh post!

Let’s end the summer with a look back at a FEW of my favorite Summer 2017 memories!

Summer 2017 2


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One great thing about this summer was that I set some goals for myself that required making a schedule for my week.  I accomplished many of those goals and feel like these were really productive months!

  1. Finish 9-patch quilt squares and have ready to sew together by August 31.
  2. Write three chapters in reference to Proverbs 31 before Aug 21.
  3. Write Tuesday – Thursday from nine to noon.
  4. Begin a cooking ministry for others.
  5. Finish Adorned. – Still want to finish this by Sept 29.

As I look to the fall, I’m going to be setting new goals for myself and giving a timeline in which to get things accomplished.  Here are a few:

  1. Finish Christmas shopping by October 31. (I’m about half way there now!)
  2. Work on hand quilting at least one day a week (Monday?).
  3. Walk each morning at 7:00.
  4. Use Tuesday’s to serve others from my home.
  5. Invite one family over each week.

If you could make three goals for fall, what would they be?

Refresh yourself for fall!