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Refresh Yourself by Taking Time to Slow Down

Have you ever gotten to the end of summer and said, “We never went swimming this summer!” Or, “We never made homemade ice cream!” There are so many fun things to do each season, but often we don’t stop and make plans to include the activities we love and then we miss out on those little pleasures that enrich our lives. Why don’t we slow down long enough to enjoy our days?

  • We feel guilty because there are other “more important” things to do.
  • We waste time on non-essentials, like social media or television.
  • We are rushing to finish other tasks because we haven’t managed our time well
  • We don’t consider what we could do!
  • We don’t make a plan to do what we love!

I’m guilty of all of the above! However, I’m really trying to be more intentional to slow down each day and do something just for the fun of it. I’ve found that when I do take

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Creating a Spot To Get Ready

For many years I stood at the bathroom counter and dried my hair, curled my hair and put on my makeup. It was so tiring. I wished I could sit down instead, but I had placed my dressing table in the guest room because I felt like my guests needed that spot. Then it dawned on me that we don’t have guests in there very often, but I get ready every single day! That was the day I moved it back into my bedroom. Oh my! It has made getting ready so much easier!

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