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Living with A Heart of Welcome

There are lots of definitions and ideas about hospitality, but the biblical view isn’t what you see on Instagram. We see it clearly in Jesus’ response to everyone He met. He showed it with one word – “Come!” This podcast shares the heart of Christ in regards to being hospitable and the practical ways we can demonstrate this godly character trait.

What will it look like? Here’s a clip to pique your interest…

The little girl in the clip above repeats something that embarrasses her mom! You can go herre to listen to the whole episode.

When it is easiest for you to have a life of welcome? When is it most difficult? Has your child ever embarrassed you in a social setting?

Let’s pray that we can refresh others with a hospitable heart like Christ has towards us every single day!

2 thoughts on “Living with A Heart of Welcome

  1. Denise, I had to giggle when you mentioned the little girl’s prayer in front of company because it reminded me of similar incident. I was at a bridal shower many years ago and we ladies were all thanking and complimenting the hostess. She sweetly responded that she was so happy to have everyone and the blessing was all hers to which her little girl blurted out, “Oh now Mama, right before everyone came you said, ‘I’m never doing this again!’” 😅 The poor woman was so embarrassed but we all assured her that we’ve all felt that way about hosting at some point because it is a lot of work.


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