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It Was a Different Kind of Christmas

From sick babies, winter storms, nursing homes and everything in-between, many people experienced a change this year in the “normal” way they celebrate Christ’s birth. Indeed, it was a different kind of Christmas for me as well.

My dear dad turned 90 on Christmas Eve and I was blessed to be with him on that special day! We celebrated a couple days early because of the winter storm that blew through. He was having a pretty good day on his 90th!

Still in love after 67 years!

My family was separated by states, though we had planned to all be together. Part of that was the happy blessing of Whitney’s growing family that arrived just before the holiday! We were exuberant about that! The other reason we were separated was because of my dad’s continuing health crisis and the need for me to be in Kentucky the week before Christmas and up until around noon on Christmas Eve. No presents were wrapped. Only a handful of cards were mailed. My Christmas dinner was completely “laid to rest!”

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Pecan Tarts

For many years I have been making Pecan Tarts at Christmas . This is a taste of Home recipe that deserves to be repeated as a family tradition because they are such a special treat! They taste exquisite, yet are very easy to make. The pastry only has four ingredients and is a simple as rolling a ball of play dough! The pecan filling is perfection. Just look…

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My Simple Christmas…and An Invitation

This week I posted my weekly podcast regarding having a Simple Christmas. Here’s a 25 second snippet of the episode…

Do you ever wonder if the counsel given is followed by the one who gave it? I assure you that it is just as hard for me to do the right thing as it is the next person, and many times I fail. But I’m grateful that the Lord brought these truths to my heart to refresh me and encourage me. Here’s how it happened and what I did…

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