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How To Host A Virtual Shower (Plus Party Foods)

When our daughter Whitney and her husband, Paul knew the Lord was leading them to adopt, I wondered about how myself and others could help provide for their needs. We all know what happens at a birth – a shower is given where the parents are, well, showered with all the necessities.

But what about a couple who’s been married 12 years and are adopting older children? I went searching the Internet looking for ideas, and came up with little help.

So I pieced together a few ideas and came up with a plan. Here’s how it started ~

  • I asked Whitney to create an Amazon gift list.
  • I had a friend help me create an on-line invitation where people could learn about their adoption and also check out her registry.
  • I posted the invitation on Facebook and Instagram, as well as both of our blogs.

We were so amazed at the kindness of so many God that used to help provide for this new family of five! To say thank you, and also to celebrate the adoption and all God has done, I hosted a celebration brunch in my home. What a blessing it was! We had around thirty people who attended and it was a time of rejoicing, prayer and general celebration…oh and snacking on some brunch foods!

Here’s what I served…

Here are the Mini Cheese balls with a “pretzel handle.” (Add those right before serving) This cheese ball has been my go-to for many years. I added dried Craisins for a little sweet twist.
The biscuits were “dad” approved!

Ham biscuits – I made up my Angel Biscuits and brushed them with honey after baking.
Chocolate dipped pretzels. I also made these Honey-Mustard Pretzels. So good!

Even if you’re not hosting an adoption shower, these are some great recipes for your upcoming Christmas or New Year’s celebrations!

Have you been a part of a virtual shower celebration other than this one? What else did you see that would be helpful to know?

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