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Read the Bible With me in 2023

I’m nearly finished reading through the Bible again, but I have to admit it – I had been very hesitant about reading through the Bible chronologically! I have read through the Bible many other times using a plan that had a little in the Old Testament, some in the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb. It was so comfortable! When I considered the chronological plan, all I could think of was DAYS ON END of reading the hard passages in the Old Testament with no breaks in-between the long lists of names or tribes or kings or cities. I am embarrassed to tell you the real reason I didn’t want to do it.

I was afraid it would get boring. There. I said it. But I believe the Spirit of God pushed me to do it. He knew I needed the freshness of another kind of reading plan.

So, with my reluctance in tow, I chose to read chronologically using The Bible Recap . Each day I was given the Book and chapters to be read. When a new book is started, there is often a video link that tells about what is going to read. I found that SO helpful! I couldn’t believe how much I loved this reading plan! I understood so much better the flow of the story God was writing.

Not only was the Recap doable, it was also so helpful. I was able to make connections and understand the flow of what was happening in the accounts given. For instance, when one story is shared in one Book and then re-shared in another Book, those readings are back to back in the chronological plan. It kept my mind from being confused. I “got” it!

I also loved that after reading the day’s passages, I could either listen to the podcast or read the recap in the Recap book. This was like having my own condensed commentary.

As I read each day, I looked for the character of God. Rather than looking for something that I can apply to my life, or a “feel good” passage, I wanted to learn more about Who my God is. I tried to pay close attention to what I learned about Him, learning that HE is the hero of every story in the Bible. Using the You Version tools, I bookmarked the verses (here’s how) that revealed His character. Here are a couple screen shots of my bookmarks.

These are less than half of the attributes I’ve saved! I can truly say that I have come to know my God better and love Him more this year as I have read through the Bible! What a beautiful journey this is, and as the year ends and I finish with the last Book, chapter and verse, I will be excited to begin again on January 1!

Now I’m extending to you an invitation – will you join Whitney and me as we read the Bible in 2023? Nothing will anchor your heart, give you direction, or help you have joy on your daily journey like bathing your heart daily in God’s Word. You can click here to join our group in the Bible app. Let me share three reasons why it’s helpful to join a group and read through the Bible “together.”

  1. Accountability – A friend of mine told me the other day that she needed accountability in her Bible reading. She gets off track and then loses heart when she gets behind. When others are also reading the same thing you are, you can stay encouraged to keep on track, or get back on if you’ve missed some days. No one else will know where you are, but knowing that there are others reading the same thing you are can keep you moving forward to learn more about your God. If you’re not sure how to stay on track with a plan like this, or you’re afraid you’ll get behind, Whitney shared some really practical helps here.
  2. Fellowship – Since Whitney and I were both reading this plan this year, we often shared with one another what we had learned that day. What a blessing that is! There’s no greater conversation topic than truth about our God! Doing this with family and friends gives you a the blessing of sharing your joy!
  3. Encouragement/Help – When you know others are reading the same thing you are and you struggle with a passage, you can reach out for help. Whitney and I may not have the answers, but we can guide you to a place where you can find them. You will also be encouraged by celebrating victories (“Yay! you just finished 10 books of the Bible!”).

If you’ve never read God’s Word all the way through, or you’ve read it many times, we would love it if you’d join us this next year as we dig into the sixty-six books He’s given us to learn more about Him! We join all kinds of things – secular book clubs, physical training programs, or weight loss programs. How about creating a host of women linking arms to study God’s Word? It’s free, but it’s so valuable!

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: Jeremiah 15:16

Will you join us? Leave a comment below and then click the link to join our group. We’d love to have you on this journey with us in 2023!

6 thoughts on “Read the Bible With me in 2023

  1. Hi Denise,

    Every year our church encourages our people to read through either the Old Testament, the New Testament, or the whole Bible. To celebrate those who read through the Old testament, the New Testament, or the whole Bible we give them a certificate and present it to them before the entire church. I am so thankful that our church honors those who read God’s Word. This year I will be reading through the Bible, but I will be reading through my dad’s Bible. He passed away in July, and I am looking forward to reading through his Bible, and gleaning from his notes and the comments written in the margins of his Bible. Thank you for encouraging women to be students of God’s Word. Have a blessed day!


    1. Oh Chris, I’m sorry for your recent loss of your dad. What a precious way to honor him by reading HIS Bible, and a way to be “near” him as you read his notes. I love that so much.
      How nice of your church to recognize those who read the Bible! Great idea!💕


  2. Hello Denise. I’ve heard about Bible Recap and wanted to look into it. Because of your recommendation I want to use it this year. I’m the gal who quickly gets discouraged if I fall behind. So having accountability will be great. Because our oldest daughter is out of state this will be good for her and I and younger daughter to have spiritual conversation via texting.

    I always enjoy your posts. Thank you for the energy you put into them. You and Your hubby are a blessing to us in Ohio.


    1. Kathy, thanks for encouraging my heart. I’m so happy you’ll be joining us as we read together this year! I know it will be a sweet blessing to read it with your daughters as well!
      We miss you all! 💕


  3. My friend and I are doing it with you this year and excited! Thank you for you faithfulness to the Lors and encouragement to women, to me!


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