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Conviction is…

Do you remember these “Love is…” cartoons? How many descriptions of love have been described in this cartoon since the 1960’s when it first began? It covers every aspect of love, both tender and funny. I’ve always enjoyed them and look for them, and often find them taped to the bathroom mirror from a certain someone. 🙂 The illustrator could recognize love in many forms.

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Christian Life

The Lens of Truth

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Last weekend my husband and I took a drive into the mountains where we spent two nights away.  It was a sunny day, and I rode along with my sunglasses on, “Ooo-ing” and “Ahhh-ing” over the colors of the trees as we climbed the higher altitude.

At some point during our drive, I took my glasses off, only to discover that my colored lenses had really enhanced the autumn hues.  The  trees were pretty, but not peaked yet, as I had thought.   My colored lenses had changed the scenery to look even better than real life! Taking it a step further –  I liked the difference those glasses made so much that I took the picture above from behind its lenses!

Hmmm, don’t I prefer to look through those kind of colored lenses at myself when there is a possibility that I have not responded correctly to a situation?!  I much rather believe that I am justified in my anger, have a right to refuse to forgive, to enjoy my laziness, neglect to share the Gospel, or to tell a friend about what someone did to me. Colored lenses in place.  Everything’s beautiful!  I’m just fine, thank you!

Pulling off the colored lenses and seeing things as they really are means seeing the truth as revealed in God’s Word – the truth about the condition of my heart.

Every word of God is pure:

he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

Proverbs 30:5

I open God’s Word and the clear, beautiful Truth shines in, bringing conviction.  I see my sin as it really is.  Why?  Because God’s Word is pure, true, right.  Shining up against my sin, I see the result of my ugly choices and how they distort and change the real condition of my life before my Savior Who loves me enough to point out my sin and protect me from further consequences.

Now it’s decision time – will I obey or continue to fool myself with the colored lenses of self-adulation?

I will confess.  I will turn from the error and see what needs to be forsaken.  And you know what?  God allows confession and getting things right to be the most beautiful part of my day.  I can then see His grace shining through, allowing me to walk in victory, and for His glory, to point to the cross!

From now on, when I view the beauty of the scenery, I’ll enjoy the additional intensity my colored lenses give, but will remember how much better it is to view myself through the clear lens of Truth found in God’s Word!

Is there a sin in your life that you are justifying?  How does it line up with God’s Word?  I pray you’ll see the need to look at it clearly  and honestly and get things right between you and the Lord, if necessary.  It’s a beautiful sight to see a believer in fellowship with God!

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Christian Life

Why I Went to the Altar Again Last Sunday

543b3853-0d1c-48f5-a3fd-e0cd5ad7f0dfEvery Sunday my husband preaches solid Truth from God’s Word. It’s powerful, not because it’s my husband, but because he’s preaching The Word of God. During the sermon, the Lord is wanting me to hear, to be instructed, to change, to repent, and to obey. How will that be evidenced in my life? I believe that the first step is indeed a step – a step toward the altar. I go forward on many Sundays not necessarily to confess some horrific sin, but I’m driven by the desire that my heart will stay soft and not get tough and crusty. I don’t go every single Sunday, but I do go frequently. Here’s why:

  1. I desire to stay tender towards the Holy Spirit’s prodding in my heart.
  2. It’s good to just talk to God about what was just preached, and ask the Lord to search my heart.
  3. I confess anything He brings to my mind and then surrender to Him whatever He brings to my mind and heart.
  4. I desire that my going to the altar will encourage others not to be afraid to move forward as well.
  5. I go to pray for others I know are unsaved in our service.
  6. When I’m down front, I’m ready to be able to minister to other women who may have a spiritual need.

Most of the things listed above could be done right at my seat, but with all my heart I’m telling you, that I’ve watched “Old Christians” get hardened and hard hearted about invitation time. Some I’ve known for years have never walked the aisle to bow the knee in surrender or confession of a need. How can that be? I’m sure it isn’t that the Lord has not spoken to them, but I believe the longer we sit tight and talk ourselves into the, “I can make any decision right here in my seat,” we’re moving towards it being easier and easier to toughen up and resist the conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit. A person doesn’t lose their salvation, but I do believe your heart can get hard as a result.

I’m not putting myself up as a “super-Christian” because I go forward – it’s really just the opposite. I know my own heart and how it wants its own way! My method to fight against that is to pray for a tender heart and then obey when the Spirit of God prods me. I remember hearing about a man who used to cry so much in church and in any spiritual situation and he hated that, so he prayed for God to take his tears away. Then he spent the rest of his life asking God to give his tears back.

How long has it been since you’ve “done business” with the Lord at the altar of your church? If your church doesn’t give invitations any more, I’d seriously pray about finding one that did. There’s a lot to be said for having a tender heart before the Lord and having an opportunity to respond to His conviction and leading…at the altar!