A Peek Inside the Parsonage – What To Do While Waiting

Yesterday I shared about my “Holding Pattern.” If you’ve felt the circular swing in your own life, I wonder what you do during those times? Frankly, I’ve had a hard time staying motivated to do the necessary things – like dust and vacuum! Oh, I’ve done it, but I’ve had to pick myself up by the seat of my own britches and do it out of sheer discipline, rather than the usual desire.

It’s easy to get a cynical or non-care kind of attitude when we feel like things are spinning, but the fact of the matter is, this day has significance. I can still impact the life of another person (starting with my husband and those that would enter my doors). There are things I can do that will have an impact for eternity. There are little things that must be done just for life to keep moving forward (clean underwear is always a good thing!). It’s the little stuff that needs our daily attention and must be cared for – even when we’re “bummed” or disappointed, or still waiting for things to work out that even helps the time to pass in a profitable way.

The advice that I have been giving ladies in recent months is what I’ve had to do myself –

Sounds very simplistic, but it helps the frantic wringing of the hands and the pacing. Stop and ask: What is the next right thing I could do right now? Pray and ask the Lord. Wait. Then do it. It might be a phone call you need to make to inquire about this situation you’re waiting on. It might be you just need to get in the kitchen and prepare supper or just go change the baby’s diaper! The blessing is that when you keep making the “next right choice,” soon you’ll find yourself staring into the face of the answer of the thing to which you’ve been waiting!

So, excuse me, but I’m off to do make the NEXT RIGHT CHOICE…that would be the laundry.

What next right choice do you need to make? 

With love from the parsonage laundry room windows,

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