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Roses, Remembrances, Reunions and Rough Days

Here’s a peek at my week:

Roses. Last Thursday my husband came home with 18 yellow roses because “I haven’t gotten you yellow roses in a long time.” I know how blessed I am, and I’m crazy in love with a man that is  thoughtful, helpful, sentimental and loving. He still makes my heart flip!


Remembrances.  Friday was a day to remember Alli’s birthday. She thinks she’s getting old – I know I am! As a mom, I couldn’t be more thankful for her and her sister. I’ve loved having daughters, and Alli is sweet, funny, thoughtful, generous and a blast to spend time with.


I had her and her husband over for lunch and we celebrated with her favorite things – White Castle Sliders, Garlic Fries and Chocolate cake, tweaked just a little.


We had this Chocolate Cherry Cake only I made it with Strawberry pie filling instead. The results? Scrumptious!

Reunion. Saturday marked the last day of our six week mentoring ministry, Apples of Gold. Does this look like a group of young women having a good time? We had too much fun!



One of the other sweet mentors taught them to make homemade tortillas! Here they are trying their hand at rolling them out. Coffee cups, recipes, flour, and guacamole ingredients are everywhere showing evidence of the great time we were having!


We had such a sweet time together! We also had a former “Apple” join us, making it a bit of a reunion. Melissa served like a true Servant of the Lord. She washed dishes, cleared tables, and jumped to do whatever she saw needed to be done. I love each of these women and will miss our Saturday get-togethers! We have one last dinner – our Celebration Dinner with their husbands in a week and a half. Should be lots of fun!

Here was the table, all set and ready for our Saturday class…


Rough Days. Who likes going to the dentist? Any takers? Me either. Monday morning at 8:30 my week started out looking at this…


I had a tooth break off a little piece, and it needed a filling. I try not to put things off like that. When I learn about it I want it fixed before it becomes more than just a filling that is needed. So, off I took myself Monday morning to start my week. You know what? It ended up being a blessing.

I decided I’d ask the dental assistant and my dentist how I could pray for them while they worked on my tooth. The doctor admitted that “we all need prayer!” Then after a minute he shared a heavy burden with me that had taken place in his family just last week. It was my blessing to lie there and pray for that need, and the needs of his assistant. It took my mind off myself and put it on someone else, and that turned the “rough day” into a blessed one!

Lesson learned – Not every day is a Roses Day, but the difference is really how I respond to the Rough ones. I can turn it around if I’ll turn my focus to the Lord and others instead of my problems.

So, how’s your week been? Has it been Roses or Rough Days? Would a change in focus help you, too?


3 thoughts on “Roses, Remembrances, Reunions and Rough Days

  1. Can I come to your house and learn how to make tortillas?? What a great ministry. And Happy Birthday to Alli…it is so nice to have Mama make your favorite meal. Like you the dentist is not my favorite place but I am so thankful for my good dentist that makes it a little more bearable.


    1. I wish you could come, Arlene! Those homemade tortillas are the BEST!Sue, the mentor that taught, has taught MANY women in her own kitche to make tortillas. They’re really easy and fun to make. Maybe a video could be in my future posts. That’s a thought!


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