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There’s a Great Sale Happening!

Just a simple thought today that may save you some $$$$$!  Do I have your attention now? =)

Yesterday I mentioned adding some winter flowers to my flower boxes.  What I didn’t tell you is that right now is a great time to stop at Lowe’s Garden area and find plants, bushes, trees, and even perennial flowers on sale.  I got my Pansies half off this week!  I also bought a Dwarf Burning Bush – one of these:

at half price!  Mine can get up to 6 feet by 4 feet, if I let it, but for now it’s very small and I loved the price of only $4!

So think ahead, and if there’s a perennial plant, a tree or bush you’re wanting for your yard, don’t wait until spring fever hits in March and you have to pay full price!  Get it now and you can get twice as many!  Also, since the Pansies are marked down, why not add some flowers at your walkway or doorstep (if you live in an area where it would survive the winter – sorry my Canadian friends!)?

Refresh your yard, but don’t forget your heart!  😉


4 thoughts on “There’s a Great Sale Happening!

    1. Those are my favorite fall bush! Mine is now planted in the ground, so I’m praying it will grow and give off some great color in the years to come. Yes, I love browsing through Lowe’s! It inspires me! =)


  1. Oh, I have so wanted a burning bush! But I am not sure it would survive here if we planted it now. We’ve had unseasonably warm weather this week, but frost and snow are surely coming soon. I will have to see what Mr. T thinks. Maybe a trip to Lowe’s is in our future … thanks for the tip!


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